4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Block Paving Your Patio and Driveway


Block paving has become quite popular these days, but that is not the only reason why you should get it. Apart from its visual aesthetics, block paving offers a lot of functional benefits as well.

From durability and low maintenance costs to the practicality it offers, here are four reasons why you should consider block paving your patio and driveway.

Visually Appealing

While visual appeal is not everything and block paving has a lot more to offer, it is still one of its biggest selling points. 

With the right block paving services, you can give your commercial or residential property exterior a stunning new look. These specialists will deploy all means necessary to build you a stunning patio or driveway.

The designers will help you choose from their wide range of design or pattern options. And even if none of the existing designs appeal to you, they can help you come up with a custom design. Of course, they will have their say regarding the arrangement and what might not suffice in terms of functionality.

With block paving, you can go for any sort of design you want, be it modern, classic, or something minimalist. The basketweave and herringbone patterns are ideal for a classic layout. Stretcher bond and stack patterns will look great if you are going for a minimalist look. And for a modern look, you can go with a double basketweave, or a running bond, and include bordered patterns, and various other shapes. 

Durable and Low Maintenance

Block paving will last you longer than resin. Resin, although durable, will eventually wear out over time. And when they do, they will develop cracks along the surface. To get rid of those cracks, and retain the natural and aesthetic look of the surface, you will likely have to remove the entire paving and do it all over again.

Things are much easier with block paving.

The individual blocks do not wear out easily and retain their colors for a very long time. Since you are using individual blocks, damage repair becomes easier with block paving. Instead of replacing the whole paving, you simply have to replace the damaged blocks which takes less than an hour to do. 

Also, since block pavings are low maintenance, you do not have to spend much time looking after the surface. For cleaning, soap and water should do just fine. 

Oil and grease stains will require a bit more attention. Since they can penetrate the blocks, you have to get rid of them as quickly as you can. Use paper towels to absorb the oil, and then scrub the area with soap water. After that, rinse with hot water. 

Although this seems a little lengthy, it is much easier to remove oil stains from blocks than asphalt. For removing similar types of stains from an asphalt paved driveway, you will need to use baking soda and let it sit for at least 30 minutes before washing it with water. And even then, the stains may remain, especially if the oil has already started to set on the asphalt.

Can Be Installed in Any Weather Condition

The block paving process is not weather-dependent. You can install block paving on your driveway or patio in all types of weather conditions, and in temperatures as low as 0 degree celsius. 

Other surfaces used for paving, like resin, cannot be installed if the temperature is 5 degrees celsius or below that. Resin will not harden in such situations. Rain is also a hindrance to this material. The moisture from the damp conditions reacts with the resin and forms gas bubbles. These bubbles are what prevent the resin from setting properly. 

Asphalt paving has similar problems. The oils contained in asphalt repels water. As a result, when you try to pave your driveway with asphalt during the rain, you will see that the asphalt will not stick to the ground properly. And after it hardens, the paving will develop cracks. 

Besides, block paved driveways and patios are ideal for rainy days. The water gets drained away by the gaps between the blocks. That is something tarmac cannot do since it is a plain single surface. Block paving, thus, creates natural drainage.


Block patios and driveways are elegant as well as practical. The interlocking designs are not just for the visual appeal, but they serve a much greater and functional purpose.

Thanks to these interlocking designs, block paving makes for an even weight dispersion. This even dispersion is present both sideways as well as downwards. Such an arrangement makes it possible for you to park and drive heavy vehicles, like trucks and SUVs, on them easily. You can refer to this as anti-slip properties.

Other types of surfaces cannot provide the same luxury for a long period. Besides, they might even be slippery and make it difficult for you to park.

The even surface means that you can set up your patio furniture comfortably as well. They will also not wobble, since the surface is even on all sides. And thanks to their durability, you can bring in all sorts of garden furniture to your patio, both light, and heavy ones.

So there you go, four good reasons why you should consider block paving for your driveway and patio. It is a good mix of aesthetics and functionality, that will make your house look beautiful, as well as keep the surface durable.

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