4 Reasons to Get Swimming Pool Heaters & Types to Choose From


Whether you have a swimming pool just because you want to enjoy it from time to time, or you are aware of the health benefits that come with these activities, or you are perhaps getting ready for the Olympics (hey, it’s possible), one thing is for sure. You will hardly be able to swim outside when the weather isn’t in your favor. This is why you will most likely stop your practices or your recreational enjoyment when the temperature drops down.

Most people stop using their swimming pools when it gets too cold and then they wait for the next summer and high temperatures to be able to enjoy their pools once again. If there were only a way to go around all those weather restrictions. It’s not like you can just move to another country during the winter season, take your pool with you and then return home when the nice weather kicks in once again. While that is an impossible option, pool heaters are definitely a possible one.

Yes, you have heard that right. There appears to be a way to say goodbye to all those weather restrictions and enjoy a swim even when the outside temperature isn’t exactly perfect. All you have to do is get the right pool heaters and you will solve the temperature problem. If you aren’t sure that this is the right idea, read on to find out why you should get these products for your pool. After that, we will get to explaining a couple of heater types that you will have to choose from.

Prolong the Swim Season

As you might have guessed it, the first reason why you should get these amazing products is because you will get to enjoy a longer swimming season. You can heat up your pool to a desirable and comfortable temperature and thus prolong your swimming season. Instead of having to quit the moment the temperatures drop, you can now use the heaters to enjoy the pool long after the summer has passed.

Swim at Night and In Early Mornings

It is pretty unusual for people to swim during the nights and early in the mornings, because the water is pretty cold at those periods, regardless of the actual season. Cold water is not really comfortable, not to mention the fact that it can have a negative impact on your health. When you install pool heaters, you can be sure that the water will never be so cold as to prevent you from swimming.

Read this to check if you need these products: https://home.howstuffworks.com/heater-for-above-ground-swimming-pool.htm

Get More Health Benefits

Everybody knows that swimming is an amazing physical activity that can do wonders for your health. Did you, however, know that warm water is also extremely beneficial for your health? It can increase your blood circulation and help ease your tight muscles, and it is generally much more relaxing. We could all use some more relaxation, couldn’t we?

What if I told you that you could combine those physical activity benefits with warm water benefits? It’s actually extremely easy to do that. All you need to do is find yourself the perfect pool heaters and you will get to enjoy one of your favorite physical activities while also exposing yourself to the health advantages that come from warm water. I suppose nobody would pass on the opportunity to improve their health in such an enjoyable way.

Increase the Value of Your Property

If it ever comes to the point where you want to sell your property, its value will be significantly increased by the pool you have built. There is something else you can do to easily increase the value of the property even more. Yes, I’m talking about installing the heaters. Are you wondering why and how these products can actually increase the value of your whole property? Let me answer that.

You’d think that a swimming pool is enough to increase that value, but here is a simple question for you. Would you rather buy a property in which you can use a pool all year round or the one that allows you to use it only for a couple of months a year? I’m pretty sure that I already know the answer to that question. When you are on the selling end, your buyers will definitely be much more interested in a pool with heaters, meaning that you can increase the price if you own those products.

Types of Heaters to Consider

As you can see here, there are various types of these products that you should take into consideration. There are, however, three main and most popular types that you should take into consideration. Those include solar, gas and electric pump heaters. Let us take a look at each of these individually, so that you can choose the perfect product for you.


As the name says it, these use solar panels to heat the water in your pool. These take up a lot of space, but they are usually installed on the roof, meaning that you won’t need to worry too much about that space. What you will have to worry about, though, is the area you live in. It goes without saying that you need sun for solar panels to work and be effective, so don’t forget to keep that in mind.


These work by burning either natural gas or propane, thus heating the copper coils that circulate the water in the pool. If you are living in colder climates, this is the right type for you. Why? Well, because it doesn’t rely on the sunlight or the air temperature to work.

Electric Heat Pump

This product works by pulling the heat from the air and transferring it into the water. As you can probably guess, it is also dependent on the actual weather. This means that these are more suitable for areas in which air temperature is slightly higher. Make sure to take all the right factors into consideration so that you can choose the perfect type for you.

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