4 player concept from Turtle Rock Studios

Left 4 dead

This is a zombie game released by  F95zone games. The swift infected chase you, smash doors, climb through windows, and climb walls. There is no end to them. In the distance, classic zombies lurk, creating an atmosphere. They are here for entourage. The game made their killing extremely colorful. They die theatrically. Their heads explode, their bodies fly off. If you come up from behind and shoot at the infected against the wall, then he will slide down the wall.

The game is made in the style of horror. The action takes place in locations familiar to horror films. A lifeless airport, a spooky hospital, farmland, or a church with a madman inside.

Locations tell stories with their design. The survivor locked up in the church who feared us so much turned out to be infected himself. The coughing helicopter pilot crashes in the next chapter. Our heroes use money that has lost all value instead of fuel. Graffiti announcing the death of a god! Just look around and you will see the silent history of these places.

Much of the atmosphere is what we hear. The developers have spent a lot of effort so that players can instantly remember the music from Left 4 Dead.

In addition to music, other sounds have become cult. Each particular Infected has its own unique theme. Only after hearing it, the player instantly understood who he was dealing with. The screams of the horde involuntarily make the whole body tense. And the gunshots and the subsequent sounds of flying brains are very satisfying. And the survivors provide it to us.

  • Bill . Vietnam War veteran. Grandpa is old, he is cynical and knows how to kill.
  • Francis . Charismatic biker. Likes to kill zombies and make fun of his comrades. Hates everything else.
  • Zoe . The daughter of a police officer. Since childhood, she was fond of horror films. Ironically, the knowledge gained from them was very useful.
  • Louis . Its backstory is irrelevant. Fans will remember him as an addict obsessed with painkillers who is ready to sacrifice his comrades for the sake of getting the coveted pills.

We have to play for them. It would seem that we are performing elementary actions: we run and shoot. But the game is structured in such a way that every second we make a choice. Even in the safe zone, the players worked out a plan consisting of hundreds of semi-conscious actions. What about the health of me and my comrades? What kind of weapon to take? Run straight, or temporarily keep the defense in a convenient place, waiting for the attack? Should I use a first aid kit / bomb / hammer? Try to break through to the shelter or save your fallen comrades?

Special Infected influenced the pace of the game. They made you think before shooting. The smoker pulled the survivor out of the group, the hunter caused confusion. The fat man is simply dangerous to shoot: if his entrails get on you, it will attract a horde. And it is better not to touch the witch at all. And, of course, the tank.

And the AI ​​director also ruins the life of the players. This is the program responsible for the flow of the dead and the amount of resources. Fun fact. Your screams into the microphone also attract zombies.

There are four survivors in total. Enough to represent formidable firepower. For example, to support a comrade when others are covering up from threats. But not enough to split the group. All together you confidently progress through the levels. And thanks to a competent lighting system, you subconsciously know the right direction. This game spawned monsters.


New game from onlycans Studios, released in 2015. We find ourselves on an incredibly beautiful and dangerous planet. This time we play as one of four professional hunters, each of whom played a role. A monster acts as a victim (or vice versa, if you play as a monster).

Players who choose the role of hunters have a choice of 20 characters, which are divided into four roles: pathfinder, stormtrooper, medic and support. Each of the characters had unique weapons, making the game for them unique. All hunters are equipped with a jetpack, which allows them to dash in different directions and climb hills.

Pathfinders tracked down the monster using special abilities. Their arsenal included equipment to deter monsters, preventing them from escaping or making it difficult to chase their allies. The most important tool for the tracker is the mobile arena, which keeps the monster on a small piece of land where other hunters could quickly deal with it.

The stormtroopers were much more tenacious than their comrades. Their role is simple: to inflict high damage and take the monster’s attacks on themselves, distracting it from more fragile hunters.

The support made sure that the shields of comrades were always charged and did not allow the monsters to sit in one place with their abilities. Well, the doctors maintained their health at the proper level.

Players who chose one of the five monsters started playing a little earlier than the hunters. They had a head start, so to speak. They were given a relatively weak level 1 monster. To grow up, it was necessary to devour the local fauna, after which the evolution scale increased and armor increased. When the scale is full, he must find a secluded place where he can evolve. After evolution, their characteristics increased and new abilities appeared, but their armor disappeared. After reaching the third, final level, they became a mortal threat to hunters. There was an opportunity to destroy the reactor, which automatically counted the victory.

And so the game went on. Hunters scoured the planet, looking for traces of the monster and trying to destroy it. Sometimes they were distracted by aggressive flora and fauna: some animals attacked the hunters, and the plants tried to devour them. If a player died, but his comrades survived, then after a while he returned with a reduced maximum amount of health. The monsters ran away and hid, using every opportunity to feed. They changed the direction of movement, confused tracks, set up ambushes. All in order to gain time, grow big and strong, and kill offenders. But the planet presented him with a surprise in the form of nests with birds. If you scare them, the hunters will find out the exact location of the monster!

Back 4 blood

Left 4 Dead’s successor is coming soon with Huniepop 2. From the materials available, we see a more boring design for zombies and survivors. Fresh shooting, sounds and music. Less dynamics, drive. An overly tricky system with cards and characteristics. But … let’s see what comes of it, maybe everything will not be so bad.