4 Major Perks of Decorative Concrete Flooring

The unbelievable design potential and aesthetics of decorative concrete floors have grabbed the attention of retailers and house owners across Australia. There is a significant rise in the number of people who prefer beautiful decorative floors over bare concrete floors over the past few years. The artistic flexibility of decorative floors can change even an ordinary slab of concrete into a piece of art. The resilience, durability and strength of these floors make them the favourite pick of customers for indoor and outdoor flooring. With the help of an experienced concrete contractor miami, customers can enjoy premium-quality decorative concrete floors at affordable rates.

Sensing the changing consciousness of the times, there is a notable shift from plain concrete floors to decorative floors for driveways, pools and interior floors across Australia. According to a survey conducted last month, 67% of Sydneysiders opined that they prefer concrete floors because they offer warmth in winter and maintain a cool surface in summer. Thus, the benefits are numerous. Now, let us look at each of them in detail. And if you want the best products with regards to coloured concrete, visit the link.

1. An Eco-Friendly Flooring Option

Among all the flooring options out there, polished concrete flooring is the most eco-friendly option. Instead of installing artificial materials over the floor, installing natural concrete floors that offer a refined touch and hard-wearing texture is always recommended. The significant disadvantages of artificial flooring options are that they are prone to degradation and scratches. Especially in households with kids or pets, such flooring options pose a threat as kids and pets might try to consume the top layer, which can cause serious health hazards. Besides, concrete flooring does not require cutting down any trees, and they are free from harmful VOCs present in most of the synthetic flooring options.

2. Infinite Design Options

The options are plentiful in decorative concrete floors. The modern development in concrete settings has enabled designers to develop a wide variety of textures and colours. Even before placing the slab, colours can be blended into the concrete. Similarly, dyes can also be added to the concrete, and the surface is later painted with water-resistant paint. Further additions (such as carving more decorative patterns) can also be made, and the floor will be eventually polished to make the surface smoother. Furthermore, they only require low maintenance when compared with synthetic floors. The cherry on the top is that their extreme customizability allows the customer to personalise the design according to their taste and the room’s design.

3. Sympathetic to Seasonal Change

If you are looking for a flooring option that is sensitive and sympathetic to the changing climatic conditions around it, decorative flooring is the perfect choice for you. Even when exposed to extreme heat, the concrete floor offers a natural cooling sensation. This sensation is radiated to the entire room to keep the ambience cool and refreshing. It frees the inhabitants from running the air conditioning at maximum capacity. Similarly, during winter, the floor remains warm.

4. Helps Maintain Excellent Air Quality

Both carpet and synthetic flooring types do retain dust, dirt and debris. Once they are amassed on the surface, it is tough to remove those particles. On the other hand, concrete floors have a non-porous surface that does not allow these dust particles to settle permanently. The accumulated particles on the surface can be removed within a single sweep. It eliminates any chances of harmful dirt or dust coming in contact with the air when people walk over the floor. Therefore, a decorative concrete floor is the best option for asthma patients and those allergic to dust and related particles.

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