4 Kitchen Color Combinations That Will Make the Space Look Bigger

Are you living in a small space that you feel is starting to weigh you down? Do you have a small kitchen, and are you looking for ways to make it feel more spacious? When it comes to color, there are ways to play around with it to create a more open look.

Do you want ways to make your small kitchen feel roomier? Then look no further. We’re here to give you some tips and tricks.

Read on to learn more about kitchen color combinations that will help your kitchen look bigger.

1. Go For A Classic Blue And White Color Combination

A classic blue and white color combination offer a timeless look that can make your type of kitchen appear more spacious. Blue is a cooling color that can open up a kitchen and add depth. To bring life to your space, team a soft duck-egg blue hue with pristine white. White paint helps to reflect the light, making the room appear brighter.

You can paint your base cabinets white and include a few blue highlights on the top cupboards. As a flooring alternative, use blue tiling surrounded by white and accessorize with stainless steel appliances. This combination looks chic and can help give the illusion of space.

2. Go For Green-On-Green

A subtle addition of green in the kitchen is the trick to making it appear airy and spacious. This can be achieved by introducing a green hue on the walls and continuing it onto the cabinets. An excellent way to achieve this look is to opt for a light tone on the walls and a darker one on the cabinets.

Team it with green accents, including accents on the chairs, a few green-hued accessories like canisters, plates, etc., and white countertops for a look that creates an impression of a larger kitchen. The neutral backdrop combined with green elements makes for a harmonious look.

3. Weave In Earthy Tones

Incorporating earthy tones when selecting kitchen color combinations helps give the space an airy, open feel. Light neutrals and light hues, like creams and yellows, can be interspersed with soft greens and blues to create an open and welcoming kitchen design. For an even larger feel, use light wood accents to ground the look and weave in linen fabrics, like tea towels and curtains.

This will bring in an overall sense of warmth and an inviting atmosphere that will make the kitchen appear much larger. Alternatively, cool tones can be used for a more modern look that has a crisp and clean feel.

4. Opt For A Calming Gray

Gray is a beautiful neutral color that pairs well with a wide array of other colors, making it a great choice for kitchen colors. When paired with brighter colors, such as yellow or white, gray gives the room a spacious, airy feel.

Additionally, pairing gray with darker colors, like navy or black, provides a visual contrast that can make the space feel even more spacious. With a grey kitchen backsplash, you can have an elegant look and a classy kitchen.

Experiment With Your Kitchen Color Combinations

These kitchen color combinations can help make the space appear bigger and brighter. A good rule to remember is that lighter colors make the room look bigger and act as natural reflectors of light. So, why not create the illusion of a larger kitchen and give your home that chic look? Pick up a paintbrush and get started today!

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