4 Golden Rules for Finding Your Dream Home


Life in the Northern Beaches region has plenty of awesome perks. It offers a more laid-back way of living, less noise, and less traffic. It also brings you closer to Manly Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Australia. So if you are considering making the big move, it would be best to look at the different houses for sale in northern beaches to find your dream home in the region.

The process of looking for your ideal home can be overwhelming. You must consider a lot of factors before you close the deal with your real estate agent. If you are ready to purchase a home in the Northern Beaches, here are several golden rules that can help you find the right property that you can call your own.

Rule #1 Set Your Budget

The amount you are willing to spend for a home in the Northern Beaches will dictate what you can purchase. Although it may be inspiring to look at homes with a higher price tag, it may only make you feel disappointed if you cannot afford the property that tickled your fancy. So always be upfront with your real estate agent regarding your budget so they can show you the properties that are within your range.

If you want to apply for a home loan to purchase a home in the Northern Beaches, you can use a mortgage calculator to know the amount you can borrow based on your current lifestyle.

Rule #2 Consider the Location

Another important factor to consider when looking at houses for sale in northern beaches is the location. The property must be somewhere near your place of work and other key areas like the downtown, where hospitals, schools, and markets are situated.

It is also necessary to check your location’s flood zone status. You must ensure that your chosen property is outside the high-risk flood zones since it will require you to pay for special insurance coverage that is higher than usual.

Rule #3 Evaluate Property Condition

Home renovations look simple on your favourite home improvement TV shows. But the truth is, this process can be time-consuming and complicated. So if you want to avoid stress when you move into your new home in the Northern Beaches, you must stay away from properties that need serious reconstruction.

There are properties sold at a very low price because they require various repairs and improvements. But if you compute the costs of restorations and upgrades to make the place liveable, the amount you need to spend may be higher than the original amount you were willing to spend.

Some of the things that you need to check out when assessing the property for sale includes:

  • Dilapidated roof
  • Leaks or plumbing issues
  • Moulds or water damages due to flooding
  • Asbestos leak from old insulation
  • Uneven floors
  • Broken windows
  • Cracks on walls

Are there any other structures on the property besides the residential house (e.g., garden house, pool house, pole barn, etc.)? If yes, then you should evaluate those detached structures as well. If there’s a need for fixing or insulating pole barn structure, that must be taken into consideration when negotiating the deal.

Rule #4 Check Out the Neighbourhood

Aside from the quality of the home, it is also necessary to assess the neighbourhood where the property belongs to ensure that you will be comfortable once you move in. In addition, you can observe the community around the house by walking on foot to have a first-hand experience of your possible new surroundings.

While walking around, you can inspect how your future neighbours live in your block. It will allow you to know if they are noisy or if they have no regard for cleanliness. Most importantly, you need to check the crime rate in your future neighbourhood to know if you are safe in the area.

By following these basic rules in searching for a new home, it would be easier to find the right house that you can call your own. As a result, you can begin calling yourself the new resident of Northern Beaches in a short time.

Author:  Alison Lurie

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