4 Essential Features for Your New Yacht

If you’re going to make the ultimate luxury and affluent purchase of a private yacht charter in Riviera Maya, you’re going to want to deck it out in the most innovative and trendy features and design elements on the ocean. Even more so if you’re buying a yacht to serve as your permanent living quarters, comfort is going to be top of your mind. Whether you’re in the market for a new yacht or simply want to gaze into the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, let’s take a quick look at five of the most essential features new yachts simply need to have.

An Onboard Cinema

Just like the incredibly popular home cinema, a cinema onboard a luxury yacht is almost not negotiable. They don’t take up an enormous amount of room and they offer an entertaining and relaxing way to spend an evening. In the event of bad weather or rain, it offers shelter and entertainment too. Add a few comfortable reclining leather chairs and a good sound system and you can be sure that yacht makers will always find room to add the onboard cinema to your specifications.

A Sports Court

Nothing says affluence quite like your own private squash or tennis court, and if it floats, even better. Both tennis courts and squash courts are often requested, as are basketball courts too. Even just a basketball hoop mounted somewhere for some free throw practice is an often-requested feature.

An Indoor Garden

You could keep an assortment of vases and order fresh flowers when you dock in port, or you could just grow them yourself onboard. The latter is becoming an increasingly popular option amongst those specifying features for their yachts. These often take the form of glass-enclosed terrariums or vertical gardens, adding greenery and life to the interior spaces of the world’s most luxurious yachts. Thanks to companies like Tess Electrical these indoor gardens can be lit up dramatically and become a centerpiece too.

A Swimming Pool or Jacuzzi

What’s a luxury yacht without a swimming pool or (even better) jacuzzi on board? It might seem superfluous to add a swimming pool to a yacht that floats on the world’s biggest swimming pool, but there are distinct advantages. Being able to control the water – both for cleanliness and temperature – is a big advantage, as is the ability to swim or relax in a jacuzzi while the yacht is underway. It’s not difficult to picture why this feature tops many request lists. One only needs to imagine a warm, bubbling jacuzzi on a cool evening with a glass of wine in hand to understand why.

Everyone is different and has different priorities and budgets and this will reflect in the choices made when designing and choosing specifications for a new yacht, but everyone can agree that sitting in a jacuzzi while you cruise down the coast sounds like an approximation of heaven. These are probably some of the most sought after and requested features, and it should come as no surprise why.