4 Best Places to Live in Houston


Are you looking to move to an innovative, distinct, and culturally affluent city full of pro sports, sunshine, and exquisite food? Houston has all of these features and more. Ranked as one of the best places to live in the country, Houston goes big on town amenities.

Houston is large. Reaching over 600 square miles and with 7 million inhabitants, Houston is one of the top 10 biggest cities and the fourth most populated city in the country. There are so many affordable places to live in Houston, TX, teeming with excellent museums, loyal baseball fans, state-of-the-art scientific and medical innovation, arts, history, lots of fantastic restaurants, and nightlife. Of course, you’re also assured of good neighborhoods in Houston.

So whether you’ve already made up your mind about relocating to Houston, searching for some of the best areas to live in Houston, Texas, or already a Houston occupant and are just looking for your next preferred neighborhood, let this guide of the best places to live in Houston give you a glimpse of what the city offers.

1. Downtown Houston

For the city residents who love to be in the center of all the action, Downtown Houston puts you exactly where you need to be. According to Houston city-dwellers, it’s one of the best places in Houston, Texas, to live.

Because of its proximity to green spaces, work, and play, this central hub is an appealing living option for occupants of all ages. In this Texas region, you’ll find everything from young experts to empty squatters, all of whom can find something to appreciate within blocks of their homes.

You can easily get around the city from Downtown Houston by boarding a nearby Metrorail; there will be no need for you to drive through city traffic or worry about parking!

Downtown is located in the city’s heart in the central business district. It’s home to exceptional bars and restaurants, as well as performing arts venues and sports arenas. Downtown is where the action is at, and it’s filled with amenities for entertainment, shopping, fun, and more. The streets in this part of Houston are also walkable.

2. Midtown


This part of Houston is popularly known for being one of the best places to live in Houston because of its robust nightlife scene. In Midtown, you can dance all night, enjoy some drinks, and get home safely.

In the daytime, you may enjoy heading over to Midtown park, where you’ll find six acres of recreational and green space. An interactive water feature, a half-acre retail plaza, public art, and a food booth make Midtown Park a serene retreat within the city.

However, if you’re searching for the famous Midtown Letters, you’ll have to visit Bagby Park. Come with your dog, and enjoy some live music performances and free classes in the small but beautiful park. Midtown is a walkable, dog-friendly, and green region in the city center.

It’s best for those who want to catch some live music. If you’re into dating and enjoy going out for lunches and dinners, there are many fantastic cafes. The rent in the Midtown neighborhood is one of the most affordable in Texas.

3. Museum District

If you are searching for one of the best places to live in Houston apartments, consider Museum District. This is another Houston region that has faced substantial redevelopment in recent years. The result is an overabundance of modern, luxurious residential options to new Houston occupants in an area filled with entertainment and knowledge.

It’s apparent as to how the Museum District got its name. This neighborhood contains 19 unique museums, of which 11 of them are free. These include the Houston Zoo and Children’s Museum Houston.

In addition to these family enticements, there are museums with exhibits for culture buffs, historians, photography enthusiasts, science lovers, and artists. There’s something for everyone in this part of Houston.

Public transportation from this tourist hub is easy, and Metrorail has four stops within this neighborhood. If you own a car when relocating here, try adding more time to your commute. Traffic can get overcrowded, and parking can be difficult.

Houston is ranked high for its bike-ability and walkability. On your wheels or two feet, you’ll be able to get to wherever you need to go without hassle.

Museum District is an affordable neighborhood and is also filled with many things to do. If you are a big fan of art museums, you’ll be in heaven in this district. There are several festivals held at the museums and art galleries throughout the year, and it’s a safe and fun neighborhood to reside in.

4. Montrose

There are several reasons why Montrose is considered one of the best places to live in Houston. Not only does it offer an affordable place to call home, but it also has character-infused locales on every spot. Occupants love this neighborhood’s fantastic nightlife, artsy vibe, and stylish coffee shops.

It’s LGBTQ-friendly and will surely be your neighborhood match if you love being surrounded by color and art. The street art scene in this great city is hard to beat. You can check out the Montrose Mural Map to locate all local hotspots.

Montrose is an analytical diverse, heterogeneous neighborhood in Downtown Houston. Ideal for young people and families, Montrose is home to condos, tree-covered bungalows, historic mansions, and cottages. Featuring rustic tree-lined sidewalks, this four-square-mile area boasts 24-hour restaurants, several coffee shops, and art galleries. Montrose is popularly known as the cultural capital of Houston, and the region is home to lots of annual parades and street fairs.

Relocated families will also enjoy nearby parks and excellent public and private schools.

Bottom Line

Houston is one of the fastest-growing areas in Texas. Although Houston is known for its skyscrapers and luxury, it’s experiencing rapid changes to accommodate the increasing influx of residents. If you want to consider these places to live in Houston, you can rest assured that they can cater to your immediate needs and future expectations.

You can see how it can be a little difficult to pick just one top neighborhood in Houston. Determining where you want to reside in the nation’s most distinct city is more than just the commute. There’s a lot you’ve got to put into consideration, but if you do your research and find a region you like, then you’re a step closer to having that dream home you’ve always desired.

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