4 Best Lemon Squeezer Reviews

Lemon Squeezer Reviews

The lemon squeezer is the aid which is needed in kitchen and the squeezer is designed such that it can be able to extract the juice from the lemons and many other citrus fruits. Usually the squeezer is of different types and thus it has the ability to squeeze and extract juice from fruits. The functioning of the squeezer is simple and it has the pressure exertion which has o the lemon.

The pressure results into the extraction of the juice. The squeezer is designed such that it becomes easy to extract the juice and also it is very easy to operate. Usually the material used in the squeezer is such that it does not get spoilt with the citrus fruits. Lemon juice is very much acidic and thus the squeezer is to be made from the solid and acid resistant material so that it stays for longer times. Usually they are made of glass, metal, stainless steel or plastic materials.

4 of the Best Lemon Squeezers


1. Top Rated Bellemain Premium Quality Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer

This is the squeezer which is made with the reinforced hinges and strong levers thus making it easy to use. The design of this squeezer is such that it does not cause any pain in the hands. No one likes the poorly designed squeezer which can cause pain in the hands. The handles in this squeezer is made of silicone material and the grip of the squeezer is steady and strong as well. The stainless steel is used in the squeezer and the aluminum and enamel material used in it makes it easy for the beginners to use it.

2. Kensington London Ultimate Manual Lemon Squeezer


Kensington London Ultimate Manual Lemon Squeezer is known for its premium built, ergonomic design and superior strength- all that you need for a professional lemon squeezing. We understand that you hate those arthritic pangs we often see on poorly designed juicers; thus, we used genuine 304 stainless steel for this product, put reinforced joints, and carefully designed ergonomic silicone handles for easy grip and comfort. Maintaining this juicer is easy and only requires the typical dishwashing liquid and in times of ‘keep going’ use, just rinse it with water before squeezing another citrus.

3. Lemon Lime Squeezer Professional Grade, Non-Slip Rubber Handles

This is the squeezer which has the handles made of rubber and they are non slippery. It is easy to squeeze the fresh citrus fruits and the thermoplastic rubber used makes it resistant from the moisture and also makes it comfortable to use. The squeezer is easy to use and makes it possible to extract all the juice. The last drop of the juice can also be achieved from the lemons and only the pulp, seeds and the skin are left at the end of the bowl. This is the multipurpose squeezer which is ideal for all types of dishes.

4. Cucisina Lemon Squeezer / Lime Juicer / Citrus Press

This is not only the squeezer which can be used for lemons but it can also be used for citrus fruits. The lemons juices, orange juice, limes, etc can be extracted with the help of this squeezer with ease. It becomes very easy to extract juice. You can get the last drop from the fruits and only the pulp and seeds stay in the bowl. This squeezer helps to get the juice and there are no chances that the irritation can be caused on the hands. This is the aluminum made squeezer and thus it is guaranteed that it will not break.