4 Alternatives To Skip Bin Service When Moving Rubbish


The most common form of rubbish disposal is through skip bin services. Skip bin service involve delivering skip bins to the customer’s site. When the bins are filled with waste, workers take the trash bins away and dispose of the garbage to the nearest waste depot. However, this method involves some limitations and restrictions that might not work for all homeowners. So, what are the other alternatives to skip bin services? So, have you ever thought “what is the alternative to skip bin company near me”?

1. Same-Day Junk Removal Service

Same-Day Rubbish Removal service solves waste problems the same day. If a client calls today, the company will immediately send workers to get rid of the garbage problem. Unlike skip bins, you don’t have to wait for a schedule to pick up your trash. Whatever type of waste you have, such as household rubbish, green waste, electronic waste, old white-goods, and garage clean-outs, same-day junk removal companies can take care of them.

Check the following tips when hiring same-day junk removal service:

  • Contact the company to inquire the length of time you need to wait for the garbage collector to arrive and collect rubbish from your property.
  • Determine if there are limitations and restrictions in terms of the type and volume of waste, garbage collection time, and permits, among other things.
  • Inquire about the type of services the same-day rubbish removal company currently offers.

2. Skip Bags Garbage Collection Services

For property owners with a small amount of rubbish, skip bags can be utilized. Skip bags have different sizes. Like a skip, you can conveniently fill your skip bag, and it’s collected by a grab truck when full. Small time private garbage collection services offer this type of junk removal service for a small fee.

3. Specialized Junk Removal Services

The types of waste prohibited in a skip bin include hazardous waste (such as asbestos and explosives), tyres, electrical items, fluorescent bulbs, medical waste, chemicals, and compressed gas cylinders. You can hire a specialized junk removal service to manage these wastes for you.

When choosing this type of service, make sure to determine what type of waste the company can manage for you. It’s also a good idea to know its waste management system to ensure that your waste will be disposed of properly without you being legally liable because of irresponsible garbage management practices and to protect the environment.

4. Local Management Office And Other Options

If you’re not sure how to dispose of a certain type of waste, such as hazardous waste, you may contact a local landfill, water treatment plant, or your local management office. Your local management office will refer you to appropriate agencies or private companies for the proper eradication of hazardous waste. It will ensure that your rubbish won’t contaminate the environment. Here are some tips for handling hazardous substances, like solvent-based cleaners and thinners:

  • Compare labels when buying. Choose a less toxic product.
  • Use products according to the manufacturer’s directions on the label.
  • Use non-toxic alternatives, such as clearing a drain using a metal snake rather than a chemical drain cleaner.
  • Don’t mix products because dangerous reactions are possible.

How To Choose A Rubbish Removal Service

Here are some tips to keep you guided in choosing the best junk removal service for you:

1. Take Important Things Into Consideration

It’s important to choose the right junk removal service for you by considering the following factors:

  • Quality Of Rubbish Removal Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Equipment and Technology

2. Choose A Reputable Company

Make sure to check the junk removal company’s credentials. Is it insured, bonded, and licensed? You can interview its existing or past clients in your neighborhood or consider referrals of your family and friends. It’s also advisable to read customer testimonials and to check the company profile on its website.

3. Determine the Workflow

It’s important to know when and how your garbage will be collected. A smooth workflow will save you time and effort dealing with delays and interruptions that are common in poor-performing rubbish removal companies and skip bin services.


You don’t have to wait to get your trash disposed. A same-day junk removal company can get rid of your junk immediately or in the same day. Specialized rubbish removal services are also available to help you remove all types and sizes of garbage. If you’re dealing with hazardous wastes, you may also contact your local management office to get expert advice on how the waste can be disposed of.


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