31 Reasons to Invest in DHA Multan

Defense Housing Authority Multan is the most prominent and affordable housing society in the Multan region. It inspires investors due to its modern and innovative development achievement in Pakistan. Now we proudly and full of confidence say that it is a trustworthy brand and shall provide a peaceful environment for its residents.

We analyze that, after phase 1 balloting, investors are taking more interest. Further, it is an approved project by Multan Development Authority (MDA). We conclude that their marketing abilities and development are up to the mark. Sky Marketing can assure you that today the investment will bring big and productive fallouts in the near future.

Here are the 31 reasons you should consider while investing the Defense Housing Authority;

1. Location

The defense housing authority is located at Bosan road Bhauddin Zakariya University. Also, the dual entrance has been developed from Bosan Road and Matital Road. The society is located in the most centralized areas of the Multan city. The links roads already have been developed. These links roads help to reduce time and to go to the main areas of the city. You can also check rudn enclave map to see affordable yet luxurious houses strategically located in the city’s main business district.

2. Near to the Motorway

The project main areas are directly linked to the motorway. You can easily go to motorway routes when desired. It is observed that, it reduced the time and cost as well.

3. Prominent Developers

For the construction of the DHA Multan, an international construction company are being hired. The local developers and experienced engineers are also hired.  Both the developer of DHA are well known, established, and having a good reputation in the market.

4. Master Plan

Master Plan

5. Residential areas

The DHA Multan is offering the best opportunity to buy your plot on easy installment. Currently, the defense housing Authority is offering residential plots and homes. In the residential areas 5 Marlas, 8 Marlas, 10 Marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots are available.

6. Commercial Areas

DHA Multan offers the commercial units, the category is as given below;

  • 4 Marlas
  • 8 Marlas

The following development shall be done in the commercial areas of the societies. motion picture studios, broadcast media, hotels, motels, conference centers, theme and amusement parks, fairs, campgrounds, parades, arenas, stadiums, aquariums, zoos, museums, convention centers, office and apartment buildings, condominiums, mixed-use facilities, self-storage, retail centers and districts, shopping malls, professional sports leagues and federations etc.

7. Villas

The beautiful villas are under construction. It is expected that it will be open soon for booking. The Bodla Builders are hired for the construction of the luxuries villas. As per the proposed plan, DHA Multan Villas will be of three categories based on size detailed as under:

  • 6 Marla (3-Bedroom) Villa

  • 9 Marla (4-Bedroom) Villa

  • 12 Marla (5-Bedroom) Villa

8. Posh areas of Multan City

DHA is located near to the posh areas city. Commercial areas are sufficiently developed. It is expected that it will be the future hub for economic activity.  All the upper-middle and upper- class shall be able to enjoy the poshest area of the Multan.

9. 24/7Security

DHA Multan ensured the security of the public just like other societies like Blue World City. It offers the most modern security systems and equipped with the latest technology. For the security of the residents, a special police station shall be developed. The police station is designed and ready to build. The CCTV cameras shell be installed in the entrance, commercial areas, and the colossal number of street lights. In the nutshell, all the security facilities shall be provided on a priority basis.

10. Availability of schools and colleges and research centers

Education is a pressing need of the society. It is widely accepted that by providing the quality education we can minimize the illiteracy and can make them more financially empowered. Keeping in the mind, for the low-income class schools, colleges, and research centers shall be developed.

11. Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Special medical care facilities shall be provided to the residents of the society. The following facilities shall be given i.e. cardiology, gyne, cancer, dental, liver, child and mother care, eye, kidney, orthopedics/hand, and surgery. Along with this, DHA Multan shall provide experienced and well-equipped staff for people cares.

Regular medical camps shall also be arranged in the housing society. Some free treatment also provided to the deserving people i.e. for treatment to address the children’s infection-related diseases, provision of medicine at low rates, ambulance services for emergency time.

Some other key features and amenities are enlisted here below;

  • 24/7 ICU/ CCU/ Emergency/ OPD
  • 24/7 Laboratory
  • Cardiac Centre
  • Urology
  • 24/7 Pharmacy

12. Hotel and Restaurants

The society shall provide a modern and luxury hotel and restaurant facilities. The DHA administration also informed that special four and five stars hotels shall be developed in the commercial areas of the society. The bidding of these luxury hotels is already published on the official website of the society. It shall also boost up the hospitality industry.

The main hotel facilities will be provided i.e. Spa, Semi-open & the outdoor restaurant, 24-Hour doctor on call,  Poolside, Car parking, Swimming pool, Public computer, Disable rooms & Interconnecting rooms, 24 Hour security, Outside catering service, 200 Seating capacity restaurant, 150 Capacity outdoor terrace and  50 Seating conference room.

13. Shuttle Services

Society’s aim is to provide luxury and affordable transport. In the shuttle services, the main areas of the city shall be included. The master plan is designed and share with the client soon.

14. Special Food Street

In the commercial areas of the society beautiful special food street shall be developed. So timely, you will be able to eat your desired dishes.

15. Sport Complex

Sports complex shall be built in society. Also separately, football, watersports, and hockey grounds are designed. All the ground shall be developed as per international standards. DHA Multan is especially focusing the sports and particularly international cricket to back in the country.

16. Wasim Akram Cricket Academy

Sport is important for physical and emotional therapy. For this purpose, the administration has been announced a Wasim Akram cricket academy. The experienced coaches shall focus on every individual to enhance their capacities and make them able to perform in the national cricket team.

17. Mosques

A beautiful Bilal Masjid shall be developed in society. The Islamic library shall be built in the mosque for study. Separate space shall be built for the Imam masjid and staff.

18. Villa Community Park

To provide a nature-friendly environment and modern lifestyle, a villa community park shall be constructed. The mention shall be included in the community park i.e. special gorgeous views, walkways, sporting grounds, and exciting playgrounds. Other prominent areas shall be developed i.e. birthdays, family gathering, marriage halls, virtual tour video, list of amenities, google map, reservation information, and other variety of the celebrations.

19. DHA 360 Zoo

To explore adventure and fun DHA announced DHA 360 Zoo.  The beautiful and a peaceful environment shall bring happiness all around.

20. Dancing Fountain

The DHA keeping with its legacy by creating new innovating trends in the country. As per the international trends and standard, the new features of the modern dancing fountain in DHA Multan is designed. The visual graphing of the dancing mountain is being prepared.

21. Cinema

DHA Multan has designed a 3D cinema halls. This cinema is equipped with the world’s brightest Barco projector and a state of the art 7.1 channel and digital audio system.

22. SPA Centers

SPA is a place where every stressed individual shall find the calm and find relief. DHA introduced the SPA centers for luxury and peaceful life. All the services shall be very diverse and as per the international standard.

23. Towers

The DHA Multan has planned towers in the prime areas of the commercial. The project shall create business opportunities. Further, the project is started due to the huge public demand.

24. Theme Park

Park is very important for the betterment of the human mind and soul. Keeping in the mind, the DHA Multan has planned a theme park for the residence and outsiders. This shall create a fun and better environment for the residents of DHA Multan.

25. Water Sports Park

DHA Multan promised the water sports park in the city. The artwork shall be widely spread in the park. Children, women as well men shall be enjoyed in this calm environment.

26. Grid Station

Currently, Pakistan is facing load shedding related issues. It is badly affected by the overall economy of the country. To overcome these issues, DHA Multan shall be built on the power production units to sustain the electricity requirements if its residence.

27. Defense Club

Defense clubs shall be developed to provide entertainment, amenities, and dining facilities. A special defense club shall be established and DHA shall provide all the necessary items in the defense club. This was also a dire need for the elite class.

28. Dedicated Entertainment Areas

If we talk about entertainment, the society shall build the high-class cinemas, beautiful landscapes, golf clubs, children’s playgrounds, walking tracks and jogging, and many more.

29. Easy Instalment

DHA Multan is offering an easy and affordable installment plan. You can buy a plot with easy installment.

30. Site Office

The society is open to all people. Visitors can visit the office and get the desired information. They shall get all information i.e. plot price, installments plan, future plan of DHA, and much more as per client satisfaction.

31. Dealers Enclave

The DHA gives permission about 30 top-ranked dealers to help and assist customers.

All the offices of the dealers are operational. The customers can visit and can book the plot.


The DHA Multan shall be the best housing project in the Punjab region. It is offering the complete package and facilities both for living and commercial. Due to its strategic location, it shall be the economic hub of Punjab.  We analyzed that, investing the DHA Multan would be a smart choice.