3 Unique Ways to Redecorate Your Home


Renovating, redecorating, or moving into a new home can bring much excitement and joy. However, it can also overwhelm you when there are too many styles, options, or techniques to consider.

If you’re stuck or experiencing a dip in creative energy, this article will help get you back on track. Continue reading for inspiration and three unique ways to redecorate your living space. 

Handcrafted Furniture

Bespoke furniture is a unique way to express your style and add that personal touch. Rather than going mainstream and just reproducing or copying others, you can create or commission your own furniture.

An up and coming decor trend encourages repurposing or salvaging items to give them new life. One way to preserve wood is to apply an epoxy coating for a mirror-type finish or a transparent mold to protect it. 

Encapsulating or curing materials in this way offers optically pleasing results, and it’s relatively easy to do yourself. It’s ideal for floors, countertops, furniture, and small decorative add-ons. The added value is that it’s waterproof and easy to wipe down. 

This epoxy resin guide – the most complete information source for resin, will set you up with the essentials before you get started. There’s no end to what you can do, so unleash your inner artist. 

Imagine a piece of reclaimed wood with beautifully patterned grains, revived, and turned into a table. Draw inspiration from earthy natural tones of greens and encapsulate some of your treasures into the household pieces like a drinks tray. 

Why not bring in opulent shiny metallics or marble-like surfaces to highlight some pieces. Or add some luxurious gold leaf to smaller items like doorknobs or cupboard handles. 

Texture Tactics 

One way to make a statement is to add texture to walls; it could be patterned wallpapers, rough brick patches, or softer wood paneling.

Think beyond the partitionings, too, with chunky rugs, scatter cushions, and your furniture upholstery fabric selection added to the mix. Use beautiful textiles on screens to break up larger sections into cozy nooks.

You could even upholster some walls for the ultimate soft touch in a bedroom with a plush headboard to match. Consider adding full floor carpets for that warming underfoot feeling in more private and intimate spaces. 

You can bring life to your living or entertainment area and add something tactile, such as a vertical interior garden with an assortment of plants. It’ll be a statement piece that provides year-round greenery to your home.

Light Control 

3 Unique Ways to Redecorate Your Home

Lighting sets the mood, creates ambiance, and accentuates features in a room. By adding brightness to complement the natural light sources in your home, you can change perceptions and enhance spaces. 

Light fittings, lamps, and overall illumination of a room is the standard. Try to design areas to have accents too, like spotlights to show off the architecture or a piece of art. 

Use dimmers for a softer feel or a chandelier for a stylish setting on the other side of the spectrum. As an alternative to lights overhead, add it into the floor surface for a modern twist. 

Create your own solution and mix it up to suit your lifestyle and your needs. You may want it brighter in a kitchen or bathroom and softer in living areas or the bedrooms

Final Thoughts

Adding unique decor elements makes your house a home. Look for interesting textures and add them to more than just walls and upholstery. Consider creating or designing your own distinctive furniture pieces from salvaged or treasured materials, and protect it with an epoxy coating. 

Don’t forget about the importance of light; consider the natural beams and the additions you make to each room. Redecorating doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and you can apply it throughout your space to suit your lifestyle and the daily flow of how you move through each room. 

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