3 Tips on Fixing Home Appliances


A broken refrigerator, dryer, or washing machine is an uncomfortable and frustrating experience. You don’t want to pay an expensive bill for leaving your appliance unrepaired. Fortunately, most appliance problems can be fixed by hiring professionals such as Mississauga appliance repair.

Also, most of these appliances can be fixed at home. When your refrigerator, washer, or dryer is giving you problems, here are some tips that will increase the chances of fixing it correctly.

Check the Switch

If your appliances stop working all of a sudden, then the beaker might have been flipped. Sometimes when there is a lot of electricity coming from an outlet, then your breaker box will turn off the power to the outlet.

First, make sure that everything in your kitchen is unplugged except major appliances like the microwave, refrigerator, or stove. Then you want to go to your breaker box and flip the switch that is in the opposite direction. If all of them are pointing to the same direction, flip your master switch and turn it back on.

Shake the Appliance

You’ve probably seen the cartoon dads that continuously shake the appliance when it’s broken. Sometimes, this is the best advice. Incessant buttons and beeping, a blinking screen, and other issues that don’t work might be the sign of a malfunctioning sensor or it could be something unusual – check over here for other issues.

Things like bugs, dust, and lint that might be placed on the sensors inside your unit might make it act differently. A firm, yet quick shake might be able to get it back running again.  Also if you need helpful appliance repair service like PittsburghApplianceRepairs be sure to check them out.

Electric Won’t Heat

Sometimes, your electric oven won’t heat properly. There is a high chance that it’s burned out or have a weak connection. But before you start the repair process, check the circuit breaker, and see if it isn’t switched off.

If your oven begins to heat and the lights are still on, check the appliance using a voltage tester that can test up to 240 volts. After using the tester, call a professional if its unable to go over 200 volts.

If the oven is good, then unplug the oven and the heating element and pull connections int he oven compartment. After that, you can coax the appliance wires through the holes to avoid damaging or unplugging the connections.

If there is tension in the wires, you can clamp it with a clothespin to stop it from being placed in the hole. You can inspect the connections and search for broken, frayed, or charred wires. Make sure to get a high-temperature terminal if you need to replace your terminal connection.


Overall, Mississauga appliance repair is used to fix common issues within your home and commercial appliances. If you are unable to do it on your own, always know that there are repair professionals that can get the job done. Either way, come up with a plan and a budget, and you’ll find it easier to get your appliance fixed quickly.

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