3 Tips for How to Market Your Website More Effectively


It’s one thing to have a website, it’s quite another to develop a steady stream of new visitors (and repeat visitors) to it. That doesn’t just happen by magic.

If you sell products or services on your site, then the more targeted visitors are, the better. You don’t just want anyone to wander in when they won’t be at all interested in what you have to offer. So, targeted traffic is even more applicable.

Here are three tips on how to market your website better.

1. Home Service Back Office to Generate New Leads

The Home Service Back Office (HSBO) is a subtle type of marketing that involves greeting new visitors to the site using a live chat feature. Rather than needing staff available at all hours to answer random enquiries from visitors, the HSBO service does that for you.

The idea with this back-office service is that they contact prospective customers and discuss your products or services with them to determine if they’re interested. If they are, then they collect their personal details to forward onto your business as a qualified lead.

Not only do they act as a filter to weed out the undesirable timewasters that your company can ill-afford, but they’re also able to live chat at different times of the day or night. This allows your staff to not have to work around the clock to find new customers.

2. Find Websites to Place Private Advertisements

Private advertisement on other websites can be more effective than broader advertising initiatives through Google AdSense or Media.net. This is particularly true when you’re able to control what websites your advert is placed on, instead of relying on an ad network where the advert be placed on less relevant sites.

For instance, a forum that deals with home improvement and has ad space can be ideal to place an ‘incline rectangle’ advert measuring 300 pixels by 250 pixels that can appear between paragraphs or in between forum replies. A banner ad across the top of the page or a Leaderboard ad that is long and slender in the sidebar are other options.

By targeting the right kind of visitors to a website, i.e. a home improvement service company promoting on a home improvement forum, the response rate is likely to be higher. Also, the customer acquisition costs are likely to be lower per promotion too.

3. Run a YouTube Channel to Promote the Brand

A YouTube channel can be an excellent promotional opportunity as a national or global platform for businesses.

Whilst YouTubers often only consider the value of the advertising, businesses tend to benefit to a far greater extent through website promotion and increased brand recognition.

Providing video content that is genuinely useful to viewers interested in the topics covered means they will often look for a link to the company’s website, which can be provided at the top of the video’s description. This can drive relevant traffic to sign up to a newsletter or it could generate a sales enquiry.  You can also check out a great service like www.creativekiwi.com.au.

There’re many different ways to promote a website. It depends on the type of business as to which will be the most effective. Sometimes, it’s necessary to try a few and see what works best.

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