3 Marketing Tips Enterprises Can Derive from Online Dating

From following up on leads, engaging those leads, and securing deals (or hookups) there is a lot to be learned from online dating. Most of what happens while navigating and engaging others on a dating platform resembles business practices immensely. However, not all businesses understand or would know how to apply said practices. The idea of using software, GPS-based connectivity, and matching demand with supply is not something. It is, however, an interesting concept that should be embraced by SMEs, and other small businesses.

Leads, Matching, and Selling

As a business, you receive leads from previous clients or directly via marketing gimmicks. These clients may not bring leads directly to you. Sometimes, leads are collected and presented based on collective research, and cloud CVs. Think of these online CVs like profiles found on https://meet-your-love.net/brazilian-brides/ where people list their preferences. Once software and admins find matching demand and suppliers, it is easier to finalize a deal. Check out 3 tips enterprises can apply from online dating to make for better business practices.

1. Platforms

What does it mean and how does it affect business? Some may use the word channels, but it is better to think of these as a specific medium. The best platform works perfectly for your business. For instance, some might use Facebook to chat and Instagram to upload photos. Each platform or social media page plays host to specific ideals and ideas. If you need to purchase a car, you might visit Facebook to better engage members than you would Instagram or Twitter. The same should apply to businesses as it would to dating web pages.

If I needed to meet Greek goddesses I would know precisely which website to visit. If I needed same-sex connections there would be a niche site for that. Businesses hoping to market their products to sponsors and financiers might be better placed using LinkedIn. It is likely the learned community on this platform would have more time to read through a long piece. These strategies are applied on dating platforms where possible clients read through profiles and then decide if they meet one’s needs.

2. Personalized Messages

As members engage each other on dating platforms they use customized messages. These messages are tailor-made for each potential mate and different desires. One might need a hook-up for today, while a month later they are hoping for something short-term. Also, each preset message states something different. I might flirt today but need to be more specific about physical needs tomorrow.

In that same manner, businesses need to refrain from sending ‘wholesale’ or ‘general’ messages. These messages promote the same idea, same product and offer the same benefits. However, one product may offer me better profit margins directly, while the same offers my competition better promotion. It works differently for various businesses.

3. Listen

When potential clients turn to leads, they don’t automatically turn to sales. Also, the internet and dating don’t work seamlessly unless someone is listening and responding. The GPS-based dating systems along with matchmaking algorithms work in the same way. Once information is uploaded regarding needs and desires, another party will list their desires and what they can offer.

The results are two or more people with matching desires. However, instead of simply sending out messages about possible leads, members are given a chance to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ and even perform some personal vetting. It is a system that works and one that can produce positive results in the business world.

Bottom Line

Revisit marketing strategies and tactics before sending out random and generic messages to uninterested people. The best marketing gimmicks integrate social media. The idea is to listen to people, customize products and services to match needs and convert leads to sales and happy clients.