3 Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Ideas

Are you obsessed with your kitchen’s old look? Do you want to try something new to transform your kitchen look? Then kitchen cabinet refinishing is the best project you can carry out. The first thing a person notices while entering the kitchen is the cabinets. So, either you are doing a complete kitchen remodel, or you are just refinishing the cabinets. Both will have a high impact on changing the overall look of the kitchen. A kitchen cabinet refinishing is a simple, low-budget transformation project lasting from two days to two weeks.

A makeover of the aged cabinets can give your kitchen an elegant look. To get started with kitchen cabinet refinishing, all you need is a refinishing innovative mood with an experienced contractor team like GMJ Construction Inc. Below, we are sharing three cost-effective yet impactful kitchen cabinet refinishing ideas. That, if followed, can quickly transform your kitchen look.

1. Painting The Kitchen Cabinets

Painting The Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to be saved from the headache of huge time taking renovations. Then you can apply a new coat of paint to your cabinets and refinish their look. The best budget-friendly option is a good quality paint that matches the kitchen’s interior.

To apply paint correctly and do the whole job seamlessly, there are a few steps that are followed by professionals, which are as under:

  • Removing the cabinet doors from the hinges.
  • All doorknobs, door handles, and accessories are detached from the cabinets.
  • Entries are taken to a paint shop.
  • Primer and a hard-acrylic paint coat are applied, which is scratch and ding resistant and gives a better finish.
  • The paint is left to dry evenly.
  • Existing hardware of the cabinets, like doorknobs and handles, is reinstalled.
  • The cabinet doors are finally attached back.

2. Using Wallpapers On Kitchen Cabinets

Using Wallpapers On Kitchen Cabinets

Everybody always loves designs, structures, art, and detailing. Using design elements like wallpapers over your kitchen can be the perfect budgeted improvement. Applying wallpaper over your kitchen cabinets allows you to give your kitchen a new look easily and in no time at all.

Wallpapering the cabinets is the quickest and cheapest way to make over your old kitchen. You can choose your desired wallpaper from a large variety of wallpaper designs and different paper types. Some basic types include contact paper, shelf paper, and vinyl paper. A washable wallpaper with standard bright-colored designs can be a perfect choice for a family kitchen cabinet.

3. Installation of New Kitchen Cabinets

The third idea for refinishing your kitchen cabinets is to install a newly designed, new colored cabinet. The process is a bit expensive, so it is only recommended for cabinets that are outdated and have disintegrated over time.

There are three classes in the cabinet, and you can choose the best fit according to your interest. Three major types of kitchen cabinets are mentioned below:

Installation of New Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry includes the kitchen cabinets built explicitly for your kitchen. Keeping in mind your kitchen cabinet dimensions, color selection, and material type, the custom cabinetry installation process includes a designer visit to your kitchen where he measures the cabinets, asks for your choices, and suggests you according to your needs.

In homes with old layouts, custom cabinets are the best option to maximize the space and build a unique kitchen interior design. Custom cabinet installation requires extra work, and more labor is used, so their rates are slightly higher than all other cabinet types.

Semi-Stock Cabinetry

Semi-custom or semi-stock cabinets include all those with a standard size, but don’t worry, there are some relaxed sizes, and you can always cut them out to specific dimensions. These cabinets offer various custom features, like decorative additions and custom finishes. They are a bit cheaper and have a moderate price compared to the custom-made cabinetry doors.

Stock and Ready to Assemble Cabinetry (RTA)

Ready to Assemble Cabinets are easy to install and make the refinishing process faster. RTA cabinetry comes in various colors, styles, and finishing options. Quality cabinets with simple and quick assembly can transform your kitchen’s look in no time as they are ready to assemble and come finished, so there are chances that their finishing might get scratched or damaged. Their high price point because of quick assembly and finished looking makes them expensive.

Tips Before Starting Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Before You start the kitchen cabinet refurbishing, you must consider the following two steps. These top tips will make your kitchen cabinet refinishing job even more accessible.

Begin With An End In Mind

Take a picture of where you need the refinishing to end. It’s better to gather ideas for kitchen refinishing before starting the project. Once you have a clear picture in mind of what you want in your kitchen, you can easily decide on the budget and have a rough estimate of the deadline too. A quality kitchen remodeling contractor like GMJ Construction Inc. can help you with kitchen remodeling and refinishing.

Consider Setting Up A Temporary Kitchen:

Setting up a Temporary Kitchen could be a convenient approach in case you want cabinet painting or new cabinet installation. Until the new cabinets are installed, your kitchen will be under process, and in this case, it’s better to set up a temporary side kitchen.

Final Words

Kitchen cabinet refinishing can be a great way to add a new look to your old kitchen. Today we shared three of the easiest-to-apply kitchen cabinet refinishing ideas that you can apply yourself or even hire a contractor to do. You can start by just painting your kitchen cabinets, which will entirely transform your kitchen’s appearance.

You can also apply wallpaper on the kitchen cabinets, but before applying a wallpaper, make sure it’s water-resistant and matches up with your kitchen interior. While choosing a new cabinetry type, make sure you also consider the style and color of the cabinet. Don’t go for very detailed and dimly colored cabinet designs. GMJ offers highly effective kitchen cabinet refurnishing solutions.