3 Key Features Of A Basement Development


In many residences, the basement is a large, cold, damp space serving as little more than a glorified closet housing significant junk and other old or discarded material. However, other homeowners tap this feature and turn said location into a profitable component. Read on to learn more about basement development benefits and three key features said efforts should contain.

The Benefits Of Basement Development

A basement finishing and renovation project often yields homeowners investing in such endeavours countless aesthetic and financial benefits, including:

Space Creation

The basement is an expansive swath of territory. Construction experts maintain that a properly transformed basement could add a significant amount of livable space to the home in question. In certain instances, finished basements increase a home’s volume by as much as an additional one-third. Such expansion leaves more room for homeowners to engage in actions like decorating and entertaining.

Increased Home Value

A refurbished or modelled basement is akin to having an extra bedroom or some other valuable piece of real estate. Such an asset often translates into greater property value. Additionally, houses with finished basements tend to remain on the open market for far shorter durations than those lacking these upgrades.


Updating a basement typically involves the addition of structural components like walls or ceilings. These features are usually comprised of materials designed to insulate the spaces being secured. Therefore, finished basements often do a better job of keeping warm and cold air from entering and escaping their interiors. Over time, this often leads to reduced energy costs.


A constructed basement can often be turned into any room the homeowner so desires. Common examples include additional bathrooms, bedrooms, recreation centers, home theatres or libraries. Some property owners even choose to transform basements into mini-apartments to rent out to those needing living quarters and generate income from such sources.

Three Key Features Of A Basement Overhaul


There are numerous considerations and actions homeowners must consider prior to engaging in any basement refurbishment. However, real estate experts and construction professionals opine that the following three undertakings often prove key to executing such efforts successfully:

The Installation Of Adequate Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial features in a basement upgrade. Because basements are situated at a construction’s bottom levels and are often below the ground’s surface, said locations typically receive little, if any, natural light.

Lighting not only illuminates a given area and improves its aesthetic quality but proves critical to the safety and well-being of those frequenting this space. That said, the homeowner in question and the team of professionals said individual hires to complete the project must formulate a lighting plan geared towards ensuring the entire basement receives adequate illumination.

Framing And Layout

In most cases, basements are created as vast open spaces with little in the way of existing construction. Ergo, before commencing any significant project, an appropriate layout must be drafted. The layout is not merely a blueprint for the intended finished product, but a design plan meant to establish where important underlying components like framing will be positioned.

Framing proves crucial to helping project creators determine the most appropriate locations to place walls and other crucial structural features. Moreover, such constructions provide a solid base for said pieces to be added as the project progresses.

Plumbing And Electrical Upgrades

Once the layout and basic framework has been completed, basement refinishers must then focus on executing the proper plumbing and electrical adjustments. These critical actions must be performed for the newly created rooms or locations to receive lighting, utilize any appliances, and receive and process water.

Typically, licensed and experienced plumbing and electrical contractors will be called upon to rewire or readjust piping to enable the safe and adequate flow of electrical currents and water to newly constructed outlets or bathroom features like toilets, sinks and showers.

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