3 Important Basic Window Maintenance Tasks to Consider


Windows are integral to the look of a house, and are often a unique selling feature for a home. They let in natural light and create a harmonious balance between the interior and exterior of the house. We spend a lot of time considering whether to purchase blinds, curtains or drapes, along with what fabrics and patterns will best suit our choice of interiors. However, when was the last time that you put much thought into the maintenance of your windows?

Windows should be of high quality, since they take a real beating through the year. Canadian winters are known for extreme temperature fluctuations and can batter your windows with a combination of snow, rain, sleet and pummeling hail. West coast weather can easily have four seasons in one day, so your windows need to hold up to extremes, including gale-force winds and flying debris. Windows take on all kinds of strain, but it’s only when something goes wrong that we notice how integral they are to our comfort and security.

Basic window maintenance is critical to keep your windows looking their best. Regular maintenance will help ensure they last. Follow our basic window maintenance guide so that you can guarantee minor issues don’t become more significant problems.

1. Consider where you live

We’ve already mentioned that Canadian weather can be unpredictable and extreme, but if you live on the coast, you need to take even more precautions. Salt is corrosive to more than just metal and can cause havoc on your windows, whether fibreglass, vinyl or wooden. Expect to weigh the benefits of a gorgeous sea view with the wear and tear that salt spray can have on your home. Keeping up with quarterly cleaning of all of your windows with mild soap and water will help keep them in optimal condition and wash away salt build-up.

2. Clean your window tracks

We all know that we have to keep our window glass clean, but this is more for appearance than for maintenance. What is essential for window maintenance is ensuring that the tracks are clean of built-up dirt and debris. These can jam your windows and lead to further damage. Use a dry brush that can get into the nooks and crannies and then use a cleaning wipe for anything that remains. Using a lubricant that is appropriate for your type of windows will also ensure that they slide smoothly.

3. Sealing and caulking your windows

Holes and cracks can let in air and skyrocket your heating bill. Ensuring your windows are properly sealed and caulked will make sure water doesn’t do any harm to your windows and the rest of your home. Even small leaks can cause severe damage leading to hefty repair bills. Improve your residence with glass repairs and replacements that can help lower your heating and cooling costs, reduce your insurance premiums and increase your home’s value.

Annually checking your windows should be part of your routine home maintenance and will likely prevent unwanted repair bills. A simple visual inspection should include paying attention to any signs of rot, water damage or moisture between glass panes. This will allow you to nip any potential problems in the bud before they turn into expensive issues.

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