3 Factors to Think About When Choosing Garage Doors in PA


Officially known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania (PA) is a beautiful state located in the United States. While the state has a relatively small surface area, it is estimated to have more than 12 million population in 2020, which makes it the sixth most populous state in the United States. Pennsylvania also has the sixth-largest economy in the nation, including the garage doors industry.

Garage doors have become a critical part of the facade of PA’s new homes, with an increasing number of companies selling garage doors, PA of various colors and styles. Some of these companies also provide other services like garage door installation and repairs as well. The key elements to consider are the garage doors’ materials, design and style, colors, comfortability, and ease-of-use. This article will brief these key factors when selecting garage doors for your home in PA.

Factor #1: Material

When deciding on the right material for your garage doors, consider the material’s durability, cost, and maintenance. For instance, garage doors made of wood can take more abuse than those made of steel, which shows dents and may rush over time.

The following are some common materials used to make garage doors:

  • Wood: Popular choice of many traditionalists, wood garage doors offer a wide range of options for customized design. It needs regular maintenance, such as painting. Overlays or veneers give off the appearance of wood at a lower price.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum garage doors come with various styles, designs, and colors. It is rustproof and easy to maintain. Being lightweight makes it easy to operate and does not put too much pressure on the operating mechanisms, door tracks, and openers.

  • Steel: Similar to aluminum garage doors, steel garage door comes in a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes. It is sturdier than the former but can rust if dented or scratched.

  • PVC or fiberglass overlay: Garage doors with this type of material also offers a wide choice of designs and styles. It is more durable than metal and wood. However, it may crack when struck. Since it is relatively new in the market, it is not as widely available as metals and woods.

Factor #2: Style and color

Customers should also consider the style which best suits their home and architecture. The following are some common styles of garage doors available in the market:

  • Colonial, Victorian or Georgian style
  • Edwardian or arts and crafts style
  • 50s ranch design
  • Modern or contemporary design

Many manufacturers in PA also offer various finishing details options to customize and add character to the garage doors, such as paneling, decorative hardware, decorative strapping, and windows.

When it comes to garage doors’ colors, customers should choose those that complement their homes and can blend in naturally with the overall house structure without giving off an out-of-place feel. They should stay away from colors that are vivid with extreme contrasts. Rather than the front door, they can also consider picking a color that matches the window trim of their house or goes for a color that blends well with their brick or siding.

Factor #3: Convenience and comfort

Aside from the design and styles, customers need to consider the comfortability and convenience of garage doors, PA, which includes their installation process, insulation, safety, and security.

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