3 Epoxy Resin Tricks to Jumpstart Your House Into Summer


With a warm breeze and the flowers blooming, many of us are spending our time outdoors. And while you’re working in your garden, or cutting the lawn, you might start to notice a few parts of your house that have become a little sore on the eyes.

A fresh season also brings with it a rejuvenated focus on giving the exterior of your space the uplift it deserves without breaking the bank.

Epoxy Resin Pavers

One of our favorite ways to brighten your outdoor space is with pavers. Weather they’re leading you through the garden, or literally paving the way for your patio, pavers are an easy DIY project to add your unique touch.

One of the benefits to using epoxy of a cement finish is that it is lightweight. Not only are you working with a durable, UV resistant, and flexible material, it also gives you the ability to get creative. Epoxy resin naturally comes clear which allows you to add in your own color, design, and even objects.

By using typical paver molds, you can create a deep pour epoxy mixture, create your color and design, then let it cure!

Epoxy Resin Garden Boxes

Garden boxes are fantastic accent pieces for your windows or make a beautiful raised garden bed for your vegetables. And just because it’s outdoors, doesn’t mean you’re limited to the generic style and color that your wooden boxes come in.

With a beautiful epoxy coating or design, you can create custom boxes that match your outdoor space brilliantly and give you something unique. This also has the option of being a family friendly project that you can do with everyone in the house.

These epoxy resin garden boxes can be any design you desire. You can mimic the look of a river table like the above image, by sealing two slabs of wood or concrete together with a bold color and design.

Or you can simply use epoxy resin to coat your wooden garden boxes in a colorful shade of your choosing or perhaps a beach wave.

Epoxy Resin Bird Baths

One thing you might not have been expecting when planning your garden space was how expensive bird baths can be. And once you start adding coloring and intricate designs you’ve blown your budget.

However, by using epoxy resin you can upcycle a bird bath to make it look brand new (or rustic if that’s what you’re going for!) without breaking the bank. Since epoxy resin is such a versatile material, it can be used to coat a variety of objects indoors and outdoors. And with its UV resistant quality – it’s perfect for an outdoor bird bath.


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