3 Easy Spring Garden Renovation Ideas


Looking to get outdoors as the warmer weather approaches in 2022, and make the most of your garden? You might want to give your space a refresh first. To help get you inspired this spring (and in time for the summer weather), we’ve prepared a short guide with three easy spring garden renovation ideas that you might like to try.

Switching to an Artificial Grass Lawn

Sick of having to constantly, mow, trim, and maintain your garden lawn? While once thought of as just a solution for sports use, artificial grass turf has become an extremely popular and modern garden solution in recent years.

Leading UK supplier Grass Warehouse stated there was a huge increase in interest for fake grass throughout lockdown, as more people looked for an efficient way to save time and effort on their garden DIY projects, giving them more time to enjoy and make the most of their garden in the first place.

Aside from retaining a neat and freshly cut look, other benefits of fake grass turf include their pet-friendly qualities (providing that you select the right range), and lack of pesticide usage, making them a great fit for families that like to play outside.

Adding Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Want to keep entertaining guests well into the evening in your outdoor space? Investing in some outdoor lighting in your garden is a great way to add a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in your garden after the sun sets, and make the most of the space when entertaining guests late into those cool summer nights.

Hanging lights over a pergola can achieve an ideal, relaxed look, or simple planted lights in the lawn/flowerbed along the borders of your garden will help to light up the area in the dark if you have a deeper garden area.

Already invested in some smart technology throughout the home? Connecting up speakers and lighting into the garden will allow you to bring the party outside into the summer, making the most of technology-enabled automation in order to help you get on with the more important tasks at hand. Alternatively, modern solar-panel enabled lighting will automatically absorb sunlight in order to recharge, removing the need for additional power or regular maintenance.

Adding Some New Greenery

Looking to add some more life to your garden space? Planting hedges around the perimeter of your garden fencing can give it a neater, clean finish that is sure to impress. Or, if you want to introduce some varying colour, planting flowers (in beds or planters) will add vibrance. Planting fruit trees can also be a fantastic long-term addition to a garden space, bearing fruit not just in the literal sense but also helping to add value and kerb appeal to your home.

If you’re an inexperienced gardener or are worried about plants dying if not properly kept and maintained, perhaps opt for some simpler perennials to plant in the early stages of spring, that will come back each year with minimal effort on your part. Good examples include tulips or daffodils.






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