3 Buying Tips to Help You Choose the Best Center Table with Metal Table Base Sculpture for Your Home


The center table is one of the pieces of furniture that gets noticed right away when entering someone’s home. This is especially true when the receiving area or living room is what greets you after going inside the house. It is the reason why most homeowners who are very particular in the interiors of a house take a step back and get a broader approach when choosing a center table for the said areas. 

If that’s the case, what should the perfect center table look like? While you can just buy ready to use ones in some furniture stores, experts suggest that you invest in custom-made center tables. It should be big enough to easily reach things placed on top of it, strong enough to carry the weight of thick books (and even your feet), and should perfectly blend in the style of the room. If you’re looking for tips on what to consider when buying one, you’re in luck! 

Below are three tips for buying a center table that suits both your lifestyle and your house’s living room:

Buying tip #1: Decide on how big or small it is.

With all the choices available in the market, it’s normal to be confused about which center table is perfect for your home in terms of aesthetics and functionality. It’s worth noting though that the ideal one should be huge enough to fill the space in the area while leaving enough gaps for movement and some necessary actions like leg stretching. 

If you think one table in the area is not enough, you can always make two or more center points.

Here is the typical size guide for center tables.

  • It is recommended that the center table is 18 inches away from every other furniture in the seating area.
  • The overall measurement of the table should not be bigger than two-third of the room’s total size. It should be able to fit some showpieces like figurines as well as day-to-day things like laptops, coffee mugs, and such.
  • In addition, the height of the table should be the same or several inches lower than the sofa to make it easier to grab things and place objects in the said furniture.

Buying tip #2: Think of a shape that complements the room.

Every area is different. For the receiving area and living room, more and more households are having L-shaped sofas for these spaces. If you have this type of couch in your home, you might want to consider having the most common table shape–rectangular.

If you ask why, here are a couple of things to learn:

  • An L-shaped sofa needs to be paired with a rectangular table so those who are sitting in the far ends of the couch can place and grab items regardless of where they’re sitting.
  • Correspondingly, sofas that are smaller in size works with square and round tables to maximize the space.

On the other hand, if you want to get rid of the monotony, go with oval tables. Sometimes, square and rectangular patterns can be boring. Break the monotony by choosing circular and oval tables. Make the room cozy by adding bean bags and ottomans. Doing this is a wise choice since the table does not have definite edges. 

Buying tip #3: Put the style you want into consideration. 

It’s needless to say that the center table is one of the things that will catch everyone’s eyes right away when entering the receiving area. With that in mind, the best and safest choice would be a center table that complements the pattern, texture, materials, and most importantly, the colors present in the room. For instance, a typical living room can be adorned with a classic yet elegant wooden centerpiece. On the other hand, edgy and geometric center tables blend well in modern spaces.

One of the most underrated things in styling a home is scaling. How do you do this? For example, if what you own are slim type sofas, you should consider pairing them with imposing tables. Doing this helps balance the space in huge rooms that possess numerous windows and high ceilings. On the flip side, you can decorate a smaller room with delicate glass and metal designs. Glass tops on center tables create an illusion of depth which makes the room look bigger than it actually is. They are typically used to show off a stylish carpet or rug below it. To complete the look, you can invest in customized table base sculptures. You can search for some of the most attractive metal table bases here.


It’s tempting to settle for less when you’re not too particular in the interiors of the house or when you’re faced with budget constraints. However, investing in pieces of furniture like the center table can actually make the home cozy and more welcoming (not to mention that it adds beauty and value to the home, especially when you’re planning on selling it in the future). If you’re unsure what to look for when buying a center table, revisit this article and apply the tips for an effortless buying experience when it comes to centerpieces.

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