2022 Summer Must-Plant Houseplants


The pandemic seemed to create a yearning for the outdoors that seems to be apparent in this year’s decor and even choices of houseplants. The isolation created the need to have something living within the home. For those that didn’t have family or pets around during the pandemic to care for, they may have opted for plants. So many homeowners took up a new pastime to fill the void in their social life. Now that the lockdowns are ending, people are still obsessed with their newfound hobby. Many homeowners are opting to purchase low-maintenance plants to decorate their homes. Others are using plants to stage their home so that they can sell their house. Whether you plan to sell your house with or without the help of a real estate agent or you want to remain in it, these are some must-have houseplants to plant in your home this summer.

Plants to Have In Your Home If You Plan to Sell

The recent boom in house plants shows that many people are starting to develop a liking for houseplants. So, when they see that you have them in the home you’re selling, this may pique their interest. If you are selling a home this summer, consider staging your house with these houseplants.

Boston Fern

These plants grow very long leaves that look like octopus tentacles. They are all green, and if you hang them on a bookshelf, the leaves will spill over the container, creating a cascading effect. These are excellent plants to place in your bathroom if you want to give it a spa feel. This plant doesn’t require much sunlight and doesn’t need much water.

Peace Lily

Another popular plant you may want to incorporate in your decor if you are selling your home soon is a peace lily. This plant has dark green, waxy leaves which produce white flowers. Like the Boston fern, they don’t need much light or water to thrive.

Snake Plant

This plant is another low-maintenance choice that is perfect for selling a home. Snake plants are usually light green and dark green. However, some have yellow on the outer edges. These plants resemble the heads of several snakes being charmed out of their basket by a snake charmer. They can thrive for many weeks without your care but remain gorgeous. It’s a pretty large plant so you can place it in a corner of a room.

Low-Maintenance Choices

Do you like having plants, but from your experiences in the past, you tend only to kill them as soon as you get them? You’ll be happy to know that there are some houseplants you can buy that are virtually “unkillable” plants. Here are a few that you can add to your home.

Cast Iron Plant

These plants look similar to the snake plant and have very dark, beautiful green leaves. Also known as Aspidistra elatior, the cast iron plant can withstand any environment and thrive. It needs very little care. So, if you are a busy person who loves plants but doesn’t have much time to devote to taking care of them, this is the perfect plant for your home this summer.


If you want another choice of plant that is easy to care for and doesn’t require your undivided attention, choose succulents. Once you provide the right growing conditions of good drainage, access to sunlight for about six hours a day, and water every other week, these plants can thrive without much effort from you for long periods. Thes plants are known to last upwards of three years or more if they are well taken care of.

Plants to Have If You Yearn to Travel to the Tropics

The pandemic not only kept many inside but also kept people from traveling around the world to some of their favorite exotic places in the tropics. As a result, some plant lovers have become nostalgic for plants that they’ve seen in tropical areas. Here are a few you can plant if you want to add the colors of the tropics.


This plant, also known as the bird of paradise, is a beautiful plant with orange flowers that stem from them. The orange flowers stick out like the head of a bird. They thrive in moist, well-draining soil and grow in artificial light and sunlight.

Areca Palm

These lovely plants make you feel like you’re in the tropics because they look like small palm trees. Since they are native to the warm country of Madagascar, they thrive well in humid areas. They don’t need a lot of light or water and grow best when the soil is damp, not too wet.


This is an excellent choice for your home if you miss the colorful trees and plants of tropical islands. The bromeliad plant is green with a beautiful pop of orange or red growing from the middle. This plant doesn’t require direct sun exposure, thrives in humid conditions, and only needs moist soil.

Safe Choices When You Have Pets

Do you want to grow plants but are worried they may make your furry little friends sick? If you want your furry pets to grow alongside your green ones, these are some great options.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Bird’s Nest Ferns are a stunning piece to incorporate into your decor. It looks similar to the snake plant, only it is wavier. Its strength lies in that it is not a toxic plant to animals. So if your cat or dog acts naughty occasionally and attacks your plants, you won’t have to worry about them getting sick if you grow this plant in your home.

Parlour Palm

This is another great choice to include in your home this summer. Like the areca palm, it also resembles a palm tree. You can place this green pet in your home and not worry about your furry pets getting sick.

Want a Little Luck in Your Home?

Lucky plants may seem like an old wives tale, but some indoor plants are considered very lucky. Here’s one you should consider planting in your home this summer.

Money Trees

These small trees are often used in Feng Shui because they are believed to bring in good luck and fortune. Its braided stem tapers off with beautiful leaves that resemble green money. In addition, they don’t require direct sunlight, nor do they need much water. So, if you’d like to increase your cash flow or want to enhance the overall positivity in your home, consider planting this houseplant.

In Conclusion

While indoor plants may seem like only an accouterment to enhance your decor, they are much more than this. They can help you relax, improve the air quality, and improve your overall sense of well-being. Although some plants can be complicated, many of these plant choices here are easy to maintain. And they will help take your newfound plant care hobby to another level.

Written By: Mel Childs

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