What Are the Types of Windows You Can Install in Your Home?

Finding the perfect window for your home is challenging because there are so many different types of windows to choose from today. They have different shapes, sizes, designs, and materials which can be overwhelming especially when you only need to pick one. Aside from the design, you should also consider your needs whether the windows will be for ventilation, for added lighting, or simply for decoration.

Windows and window frames are made using different materials such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, glass, and more. These materials also affect the design, as well as their strength in filtering the sunlight and heat. Windows can also be made from a combination of the mentioned materials.

Here are some of the different home windows to give you an idea on the window types that you can install in your home.

Single-Hung and Double-Hung Window

These are two of the most common types of windows which can be seen on many homes today. The difference between the two types of windows is how they move or open. In single-hung windows, the bottom panel moves up and down and the upper sash remains stationary. While in a double-hung window, both upper and lower panels can be moved or lowered and raised. Both can be titled as well.





Round Window

The round window category encompasses many different shapes such as round, half round, elliptical, or oval. This type of window can add a note of architectural interest to your home. It also allows you to give your space a nod to historical decors like Victorian and Gothic era structures. Round windows are also perfect companions for glass doors and larger square windows.

Arched Window

Arched windows are one of the most appealing types of windows. They add architectural complexity in homes and they can give an artistic feel when used properly. Arched windows are not designed to be opened and closed. Most of them are installed up about more standard windows that provide the ventilation and escape route if necessary. But there are also some designs which can be opened like casement windows and sliding windows do.

Bay Window

Bay windows are the type of windows which project out of your home and add an additional floor space. These windows come out of the exterior wall and they provide a small shelf in your home. They rely on flat windows set into an angled frame that is built out of the house. Bay windows are best for modern homes and for older Victorian styled homes as well.  They are really nice accents on a home.

Skylight Window

If you want to add some light in the center of your home but your exterior walls are limited, you can go for a skylight window. It is a window for your roof and you can install it like a roof vent. Most of the skylight windows remain closed and their only purpose is to bring additional light into a home, but there are also some which open and close to allow ventilation. It will also give you a nice view of the stars at night. Skylight windows are known to be one of the most expensive window types but they can help you save energy.

Glass Block Window

This type of window is mostly used as accents added to a section of the home to bring light flow. They are commonly frosted or with designs which allow light to pass through while also offering privacy. Glass block windows are best installed in bathrooms, basements, and other private spaces. This type of window is permanent and it can’t be open or closed.

Casement Window

This type of window swings out to the side or up to open. Its design allows it to be constructed of solid glass and offers a less obstructed view. They are also known to be excellent insulators because they do not have separate pieces and breaks between pieces that other types of windows have. Casement windows will help your home stay warm and they will also keep the weather out more effectively. They are best for climates with a lot of rain.

Picture Window

If your home has a great view outside, picture windows are the best for you. They can turn the outdoors into pictures for you to admire. They are typically larger windows without any breaks and they provide unobstructed view. However, they are not good for ventilation and for emergency escape because they do not open up. They are simply for admiring the view outside and bringing more light into your home.

Garden Window

Garden windows look like mini bay windows where you can place plants on the small shelves. They are mostly installed in kitchens. Since plants require sunlight to grow, it’s natural to create a plant growing space in your home using a garden window.

Transom Window

This type of window is a decorative accent which is added to homes to create interesting features. They are commonly the windows you see above doors in upscale homes. Some are installed above other windows in some instances. Most of them are semi-circle, square, and rectangle. It can be an added source of light and ventilation because some transom window designs can be opened.

Custom Window

If you can’t choose from the available standard-sized windows, you can go with a custom window instead. They are created from the size that you or a professional measure in your home. The measurements can come from an existing frame that you want to replace or from a new section in your home that you want to install a window to. They can be as large as you want them to be, as well as the shape you’d like, giving you the freedom to decide how it will look in your home.

Deciding on what type of window to install in your home is challenging. To be able to choose the best window for your home, try to consider each type individually and decide which types will give everything that you need. Once you’ve chosen the best one that fits your home, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits it will give you.