Interesting Fruits and Vegetables Facts Who Knew?

Fruits and vegetables have been an essential part of our diet, perhaps ever since time began. They give color and balance to our dishes, and also provide the bulk of the vitamins that we need in every day life. We can do a lot to our fruits and vegetables — we eat them raw or cooked, chill and freeze them, and combine them with other fruits and vegetables in a creative and amazing way. We also drink them in juices or make smoothies out of them, and can use them in other ways as seasoning for other foods. Some fruits are even used for household purposes other than cooking and eating.

Fruits and vegetables deserve a little more recognition than being just a familiar sight in gardens and orchards, markets, kitchens, and our tables. There’s so much more to know about fruits and vegetables, and these facts about them are surprisingly interesting! Stick around and enjoy this gallery — you will adore these fruits even more!