Features of Everyday Items That You Didn’t Know Had Uses

Features of Everyday Items That You Didn't Know Had Uses

What’s the hole in the spaghetti serving spoon for, or the use of the little tab at the end of your chopsticks? Or does the hole of your ballpoint pen’s cap keep it from becoming dry? Well, you’ll be shocked to discover that some parts of the items that we use every day (or take for granted) have been designed to serve a specific function!

The hole on the pen's lid1. The hole on the pen’s lid

You’d be surprised that the hole on the top of your ballpoint pen’s cap actually has a noble purpose. Nope, it’s not preventing the pen’s ink to dry out. The hole actually serves to prevent suffocation in case the pen is accidentally swallowed. Younger children are the usual victims of pen cap-choking, and the hole in the the cap is meant to minimze the hazards of choking by keeping the airway open.

The tab of the soda can2. The tab of the soda can

The main function of the tab is, of course, to open the soda can. But it also has an additional purpose — it doubles as a straw holder. The hole keeps the straw in place so that your mouth won’t have to awkwardly meet with it.

What's under the bottle cap?3. What’s under the bottle cap?

You usually see that blue thing under the screw cap of your soft drink bottle. It’s not just some color under the lid — it’s actually a soft plastic disc which keeps the liquid airtight. Without the disc, your soft drink would lose its carbonation quickly and will cause the beverage to taste flat.

Keeping the tabs on your chopsticks4. Keeping the tabs on your chopsticks

In most casual Asian restaurants and take-out counters, the chopsticks used there are mostly disposable. A pair of chopsticks is “fused” until you break the two sticks apart, and then use them as you’re having a chow of that delicious sushi or ramen.

Turns out that you’ve used the chopsticks wrong all along!

Have you noticed the little rectangular tab at the end of the fused chopsticks? It is not there to hold the chopsticks together. In fact, the chopsticks aren’t meant to be broken apart without removing the tab first. After breaking the tab off, now you can split the sticks.

If you’re going to enjoy a drink or reach out for a napkin (or perhaps go to the loo), you’re looking to put your chopsticks down for a while. Wait, you have nothing to place your chopsticks? Don’t worry, because the tab that you’ve just broken actually serves as a chopstick rest. Now you know!

The hole in the pasta serving spoon5. The hole in the pasta serving spoon

You may have probably noticed the big hole in the middle of your pasta serving spoon, but you most likely didn’t care. Or if you did care to think, you assumed that the hole’s purpose was to drain the liquid as you took the pasta out of the boiling water.

Good guess, but that’s not really its main purpose. Actually, the big hole in your pasta spoon serves as a measurement for your uncooked pasta. One hole is equivalent to one serving of spaghetti!

You’ve probably wondered all along, “how much pasta will I cook for four guests?” The hole in your pasta serving spoon will provide you the answer. Pasta mystery solved!