15 Bizarre Commercial Roofing Services Facts You Need to Know


Roofing exists since human civilization. We needed roofs to protect us from rain, sun, and snow even before we started covering our bodies under clothes. Since then, we have seen commercial roofing systems evolving and changing many styles.

Roofing services aren’t always on the top of our minds. Nonetheless, we have shared some bizarre commercial roofing services facts that you need to know. You can also check this website for quality commercial roofing services and interesting facts related to them.

Asphalt is popular but not as durable as other natural roofing materials

Most commercial roofing uses asphalt shingles because of their durability and economic viability. An asphalt shingle roof’s average life expectancy is 15 to 20 years. Whereas wood shingles can last up to 50 years depending on the type of wood, Clay shingles can stay for 100 years, and slate stone tile can stretch up to 150 years.

Clay tiles are the oldest known roofing material

First clay tiles were used in China around 10,000 years B.C, followed by the Middle East. Soon these tiles spread to Asia and Europe and reached America in the 17th century when few European immigrants brought the clay roofing system with them.

Your roof type depends on the geography and climate

Each roof type is best suited for a particular climate. For example, roofing in tropical climates mostly has clay tiles and wood shingles, and shakes are used in cooler regions. Metal and slate roofing is suitable for all types of climate conditions. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the most trusted and professional auckland commercial roofing service, click the link.

Thatched roofs are naturally waterproof.

Many civilizations used thatched roofs because they were naturally waterproof. Builders at that time bundled the reed extremely tight to shed water and snow away. Thatched roofs kept the interiors cool and dry.

You can produce greens to install a leakproof roof

When you grow plants on your roof, the soil protects it from harsh temperature and water leakage. If installed properly, green roofs can protect your house from water for a long time. And what can be better than eating healthy green vegetables from your roof garden? Many benefits to enjoy!

You can install a new roof on existing shingles

Many roofers don’t recommend it, but if done right, your new roof can look just as good as the old one and last long. You have to ensure that your old roof can bear the load of new shingles. Consult an experienced roofing company for this process and tell them the exact condition of your old roof. A professional roofer will not advise you to install another roof on top of your damaged roof.

You can get a wood shake look without using wood

Many people like the aesthetic appeal of wood shakes and consider them as the most classic roofing material. However, they restrain themselves from using wood shakes because many insurers don’t cover them for being inflammable.

The good news is that some roofing companies can provide you with concrete shakes that look exactly like their wooden counterparts.

Flat roofs aren’t flat

Yes, flat roofs look flat compared to others, but they are slightly inclined to allow water to drain. The incline is usually about ¼ inch per square foot, which is not noticeable while standing on the roof. You should ensure proper gutters installation for water drainage.

Metal roofs can save you from lightning strikes

Contrary to popular belief that metal roofs are more prone to lightning strikes, other materials can pull lightning strikes as much as metal roofs. In fact, metal roofs can save your roof from lightning strikes because they are non-combustible.

Roofs need oxygen

As bizarre as it may sound, roofs need ventilation. Roof vents allow warm and moist air to move out and cooler air to enter the attic. Without adequate ventilation, condensation can build up in your attic, leading to wall and wood damage.

Clay tiles can catch fire

In London, the king had passed a law to replace thatch roofs with clay tiles to prevent buildings from catching fire. However, this law didn’t solve the purpose, and they witnessed the Great Fire of London in 1666.

Commercial roofs are larger than residential roofs

Commercial roofs are way bigger and heavier than residential roofs because of the material used in their installation. They are built stronger to support their own weight and the HVAC system tied to them.

Sun can cause significant damage to your commercial roofing system

Water can cause leakage, but the sun’s heat causes greater damage to your roof. It also makes the building hot from the inside during summers. Too much heat can twist the edges of the shingle and distort the roofing. The outer layer can dry out due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. It can decrease the life of asphalt shingles.

Roof cleaning needs expertise

Many people take roof cleaning as a DIY project, and many completely neglect the cleaning part. A roof that isn’t cleaned regularly and maintained falls into serious trouble from time to time. There are professional and certified roof cleaners who have the knowledge and specialized tools to clean your roof. Investing in them once a year can save your roof from more complex issues.

Warranties can mislead

A warranty doesn’t mean that your roof will last for the stated period, come what may. It means that if the roof lasts that long, it will protect your house from damages. Your roof has an expected lifetime based on its material and installation. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional roofer to install your roof correctly. The roofer will also explain to you the warranty terms and conditions.

There can be many misconceptions related to the commercial roofing system. Therefore, It is a good idea to consult a professional roofing company to get your roof inspected from time to time and cleaned properly to avoid any mishaps. Having basic knowledge about your roofing system will protect you from blindly following the myths and making wrong choices.

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