13 Smart Ways to Prepare Your Condo Before Leaving For a Long Trip


Going on a leisure trip with family or colleagues is always exciting. Packing up your outfits and filling up your gadgets’ batteries are few things that come first to your mind.

Those who will be on a business trip, preparing documents, proposals, and IDs are the most valuable things you keep in your luggage beforehand. These are important travel tips that everyone must follow.

Condo living offers you several benefits such as amenities, gym, parking, 24 hours security. Still, it does not mean that you can be comfortable leaving your condominium unit for a long time.

As a responsible adult, before leaving your condominium unit, we rounded up helpful tips to prepare your condo if you will be gone for a long trip.

Turn off the main water valve

A water leak and broken pipe are some of the most expensive repairs. To prevent this, you must turn off the main water valve before leaving.

There were instances when unit owners went off for a long time and found out about the water leak when they returned to their unit.

Some of the home equipment got damaged due to the leak.

Inform the Condominium Administration Office

A safe and most comfortable way of leaving your condominium unit is to inform the admin office that you will be away for a particular time. This way, they’ll know how they can reach out to you for important matters. And while you’re away, they will keep an eye on your unit for you.

Unplug all the sockets

Accidents can happen at any time. If you think your unit will be empty for one to two weeks, make sure to unplug all electrical appliances. This way, it will also help you save energy consumption.

Clean the fridge

I am pretty sure you don’t want to go home with the smell of spoiled food after a long trip. Before you leave, it’s best to check and clean your fridge, toss out rotten and expired foods.

Always check the bathroom and toilet

A foul smell can linger in your entire condo unit, or worst, your neighbors might smell the unwanted odor.

What you can do is use a deodorizer, odor eliminator to kiss away those stinky smells. If you do not have these at the moment, you can opt to sprinkle a small amount of baking soda to ward it off.

Make an arrangement with someone close to you

Business trips could sometimes last for about a week or more than two weeks. If you think it will take a little longer, it’s best to find someone close to you and make an arrangement to look over your unit.

It could be your younger sister who lives nearby or a cousin who also needs a temporary safe haven within your area. You may choose whether you can let them stay at your place for as long as you are away. Or maybe they can check the unit at least thrice a week to see its current condition.

Leaving your condo knowing that there’s somebody taking care of it gives you peace of mind. You can enjoy and focus while you’re away traveling either for leisure or business purposes.

Always consider the weather condition

Sometimes, we leave our unit during the rainy season. In case this happens to you, be sure to unplug all electronics and appliances. Keep all your essential documents and extensions away from the floor. It will help if you put it somewhere else that will not get wet due to strong winds and rain.

Leave your contact info with a close neighbor

Although we suggested that you inform the admin office, it’s better to be safe and leave your contact info with your close neighbor. In this way, even if the admin officers are no longer available after office hours, you still have someone to check out on your unit. That someone could be your eyes while you are away traveling. They will be the ones to inform you in case an emergency event happens.

Invest in a smart home

It may sound expensive, but if you’re a frequent traveler all year round, investing in a smart home can help you a lot. Technologies nowadays are superb!

With smart homes, you can control lights and electricity even if you’re miles away. You can check it for yourself by just tapping up your mobile phone. If you don’t know where to buy, try doing some personal research on different online property selling Philippines sites.

Smart homes are pretty pricey, yet, very beneficial to the residents. There’s no need to set an arrangement with someone close to you to check your unit if you are to travel for a long time.

Set up a security camera

Setting up a security camera is an affordable way to keep your place safe if you’re not yet ready to invest in a smart home. Living in a condo offers you great deals with amenities and security just like in Alveo Makati. But you can keep an eye out inside your unit and have recorded videos every day if you install a security camera.

Stop unnecessary services and deliveries in advance

Set a reminder either on your phone or in a journal to call the drinking water supplier. Also, you may include other subscriptions to take a halt to the delivery while you are away.

Wash the dishes

We know how busy you are, but a stack of dirty dishes may lead your unit to have pests and vermin. No matter how busy you are in travel preparation, as a condominium owner or tenant, you are responsible for keeping your place clean at all times. Or else you have to invest in cleaning and anti-pest service providers when you get back from travel.

Keep your valuables in a safety box

Valuable things that you don’t need to pack for traveling should be kept inside a safety box. It could be your spare key, cheques, personal documents, and other valuable items.

Take a photo of everything you have inside the safety box. A photographic memory is always good, so you can ensure that your valuables are still complete when you get back.

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