11 Unique Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming gifts can sometimes be a bit tricky to get right. You aren’t always sure what someone will like; you don’t know if they have it yet or not, and you don’t know if they will even like what you get them.

However, numerous gifts fit almost any taste and suit most homes, ranging from a simple evergreen plant to a custom portrait. Here are 11 unique housewarming gifts you can get for a friend.

House Portrait

If you have the talent or know someone who does, painting a custom house portrait is a very special gift to give. If your friends or family have moved into their forever home, it can be very special to create a painting and memory to commemorate their first day.


Plants can be a great gift for some; however, some people view plants as a chore. Having to look after them, make sure they get enough sun and water, etc., can be a bit tricky for some, and others may just forget completely.

A terrarium is a great way to incorporate plants but with way less upkeep. The plants are self-contained, almost never need water, and depending on the type, may only need cleaning every few months.

Candle-Making Set

Candle-Making Set

Candles have always been a slight cliche gift to give; however, a candle-making set is undoubtedly more special and, in many ways, more useful. Considering candle scents can be hit and miss, allowing someone to make their own is a guaranteed win.

The gift is also great for couples, as candle-making takes a lot of time and can be a very fun and creative activity.

Home Security Device

Home security is a sector that many don’t consider when thinking about a gift. Nowadays, many affordable and effective devices improve your home security, like a doorbell camera or a ring/bell device.

These devices don’t need to be installed by a professional and only require an app to use. There aren’t any installation fees, and a subscription, if there is one, is almost always incredibly cheap.


If you are buying a gift for someone who has trouble with allergies or has trouble breathing during certain weather or seasons, an air diffuser can be a life-changer. It puts moisture into the air, which helps with breathing and clearing nasal passages.

If you add an essential oil like lavender to a diffuser, it can aid in relaxation and sleeping and can help almost anyone.

Self-Cleaning Vacuum

Vacuuming is not a chore many people enjoy and is, therefore, one a lot of people put off; this is where a self-cleaning vacuum comes in. While they can be quite expensive, they make a world of difference and are as simple as turning them on and forgetting about them.

These vacuums also detect furniture and walls, meaning you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck and not doing their job.

Memory Board

If you want to go the homemade route, a memory board is a great option. All you need is a large sheet of cork, and you can add extras like a small chalkboard for messages or a map so the recipient can pin where they have been in the world.

These boards can also be as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be, and there are tons of ways to customize them to suit the house or the friend it is going to.

Picnic Set

Picnics are always something that couples and friends want to do, but then you have to find glasses, a basket, and a blanket, and it becomes far more effort than it is worth. A picnic set takes the work out of it and is usually quite well stocked.

You can also customize it by putting words or photos on the glasses or plates and making it more unique to the person or couple you are giving it to.

Picnic Set

Wax Seal Kit

While they may have been popular and common a couple of centuries ago, wax seals are still used today and are a great way to finish a letter. Nowadays, using sites like Etsy, you can have a custom one made that uses letters of your name, a family crest, or create a unique image altogether.

Garden Games

Garden games are always fun and a brilliant way to spend time with friends and family. A popular game is Boules. It is easy to learn and play and the best way to burn a few hours on a summer afternoon.

A Mirror

A mirror is widely regarded as one of the most versatile gifts you can give. Depending on how basic or ornate the frame is, a mirror can fit into any home. Besides possibly the kitchen, a mirror can also suit any room so there is little chance it will get stuck away and forgotten about.