11 Surprising Ways to Incorporate Metal in Home Decorations


When it comes to home decorations, people want it to suit their style as much as possible and personalize almost everything. Why not? It brightens up the place, makes it as comfortable as possible, and be as homey as possible.

One of the most common materials used for home decors is metal. It has such versatile characteristics that it fits almost all of a homeowner’s preferences from classic, to elegant, rustic, and even modern pieces. Hence, it would surely fit the taste of anyone. Now many good looking safes are in the market that really look beautiful to our home and also good for home decorations.

Safes are also great choices for home decorations that look beautiful at your home and also good for security purposes. 

Here are some surprising ways to use metal as home decorations:

1. For Window Valance

For Window Valance

A valance for windows is some sort of covering for the drapes. Since it is usually on a separate rod, the drapes can operate as is without any trouble, and the valance’s job is to cover it. There are usually metal valances for sale that come in various styles and colors, depending on the homeowner’s preference.

For a rustic look, try old tin tops and breathe in some new life into it. It would give a rustic, yet eccentric appeal to any room it is in.

2. Metal Lockers

Metal Lockers

Who says metal lockers need to stay in school? They would also make great storage boxes for any room or garage area it is in. Not to mention, it makes a great vintage accent that would surely take your guests on a nostalgic walk down memory lane.

3. Metal Tables

Metal Tables

A metal tabletop is both a practical and fashionable choice. It is simple, easy to clean, and can accommodate as many people as possible (usually).

4. Walls


Metal walls, especially those with corrugated design, make a bold statement into any space it is put into. It is also easy to clean and gives homeowners the choice of either cleaning it or letting its bare nature shine through.

Usually, easy to cut metal sheet is used for this.

5. Plates, platters, letters

Ready to throw those plates, platers, and silverwares away? Don’t! These would actually make exquisite wall art for the kitchen. It gives a hungry vibe while ensuring the area stays as stylish as ever. Give them new life with a little polish, and hang it up there.

And best to pair it up with corrugated metal sheets that would complement the other metallic designs.

6. Geometric metal accents

Never throw scrap metals ever again. Solder it into some geometrical shapes, and spray paint it a loud, bold color such as gold, and place it on a tray or on to a bookshelf. It makes great eye-catching accents for the homes. It also adds a modern twist to any room.

7. Wall Art

Wall Art

Laser-cut metal is all the rage with modern metal art today. Homeowners may have any design they deem is fit for their place and hang it up on their wall. Do not stop there, and add more lights at its back to give it more dimension and jazz. Think of something like a neon light effect. Cool, right?

8. Metal sculpture

Metal sculpture

A lawn without anything on it just would not do. Even the prettiest flowers would not seem enough at times. Add a little more attitude and personalization to your garden by adding an edgy metal art sculpture to it!

Creativemetalmd.com’s metal artwork sculpture designs feature some of the most exquisite pieces there are. At the same time, the company can also customize the metal sculpture based on the preferences that the homeowners would like to have.

9 Metal Furniture

Got a new place and want a modern twist to it? Never go wrong with metal furniture. Contrary to popular beliefs, with the right design and accessory, metal furniture can actually be comfortable and homey.

10. Sinks

Remember those metal wash bins you no longer use? Repurpose them into a sink and give the bathroom a Victorian feels. It saves some bucks while providing a functional yet fashionable sink.

11. Staircase Railings

The stairway is probably one of the first things guests would see upon entering a home. Hence, pay extra attention to it! Design a cute, and personalized metal railing that would keep your staircase stylish and safe as much as possible.

Why is Metal Art the Best Choice?

Keeping metal decors clean is also not exhausting as one might think. Although, it is somewhat sensitive when it comes to oils from fingerprint, and humidity. At the same time, its shine is one of the things that keep metal art as attractive as possible. Polishing with a clean, dry cloth once in a while can keep it from corrosion.

Still, think of the freedom in choices and the wonders that metal art gives to your home. It makes one stylish, comfortable, and elegant at the same time.

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