11 Most Useless Sports Statistics


What statistics should you not pay attention to? The main difference between the new and old school for the choice of players in the team. How to determine the probability of winning your favorite team?

11 Most Useless Sports Statistics

It is impossible to imagine the modern sport without analytics. Many reputable experts try to create their own statistical indicators that would indicate the success of an individual player or the whole team as a whole. Some of them are useful, others are not. Some fans spend a lot of time analyzing statistical information, although this is often not really necessary.

Why are sports statistics so important?

Sports and sports betting are always very closely related. In order to make predictions, it is necessary to study certain information. In addition, club owners are constantly striving to improve it and very often make various replacements. To compare different players, they look at his stats.

In general, analytics helps to develop any industry, and especially sports. It is used by teams and coaches when preparing for an upcoming competition or tournament. Regardless of what sport you are interested in, statistics help you better understand the processes that take place in the team, as well as predict the outcome of the next competition.

So, statistics are used:

  • Club owners to recruit new players;
  • Trainers to build a strategy;
  • Players to evaluate opponents;
  • Fans to create their own predictions for sports betting.

As you can see, statistics play a really great role in sports, and without it, he could not have achieved such huge successes. Fans can take all the information they need on Scores24. There is not only online sports statistics, but also analytics from well-known experts in almost all known sports.

What statistics should you not pay attention to?

Today there are a huge number of parameters by which teams in different sports can be judged. Some of them are more authoritative, while others are less.

In 2003, Michael Monroe Lewis published the book “Moneyball” (based on which the film of the same name was released in 2011), which was able to revolutionize the views of sports in general. Its essence lies in the fact that even a team with a small budget can create a really bright team that will oppose the dinosaurs from the world of sports. At this moment, the sport was divided into 2 schools – thirst says that you should definitely pay attention to the statistics of the players, while others insist that it is necessary to give way to young and still inexperienced, but very talented athletes.

In general, there are 11 Most Useless Sports Statistics, which are definitely not worth paying attention to.

1. Number of wins

It is important to understand that winning a match against a weak team cannot be compared to winning the final of any competition against a truly legendary opponent. If a team has a lot of victories, this does not mean that it has good qualifications, it may just come across weak opponents.

2. QB Rating

The grading system on this scale is really incredibly confusing and controversial. To understand it for an ordinary fan is a daunting task, even many sports experts do not fully understand how it is calculated, therefore there are a lot of errors in this system.

3. “per 48 minutes”

In basketball, it is customary to list what a player managed to do within 48 minutes. The point is that the more he does, the better the player is. However, many fans agree with Charles Barkley’s statement that you need to calculate what a player would have done in 48 minutes, this is because he is not good enough to actually play all that time.

4. Runs in baseball

The number of runs for the team really matters, but in order to understand how talented this player is, the indicator is completely useless. For some reason, he may miss half the games and then the number of runs he will have is very small, but in general, he will show a good result and lead the team to a win.

5. Pancake blocks

This indicator was specially designed to evaluate the offensive lineman, but this indicator was really poorly thought out because the offensive linemen never catch a break.

6. Steals

Many people, when analyzing the skill of basketball players, try to count the number of thefts. In general, this indicator is as similar as possible to the first one, because playing with a weak team in one game a player can make dozens of steals, and when he meets a strong player he cannot resist him.

7. Number of “Golden Glove” awards

Experts assure that the “Golden Glove” is awarded not so much for skill as for theatricality during the game. Fans love bright and unusual games that evoke a lot of positive emotions. In addition, it is quite difficult to get a prize the first time, but as soon as you get one “Golden Glove”, the likelihood of getting the second and third immediately increases.

8. Tommy Points

Tommy Heinson is a commentator in Celtics games, he created his own points for the players who, in his opinion, performed well. This opinion can often be called unfounded and subjective. In addition, Tommy Points can only be earned by players who play in his association.

9. Saves

The truth is that even a team that loses by a huge score can get quite a lot of saves. Some players try to make more saves for themselves and hardly follow the game as a whole.

10. Statistics from John Hollinger

John Hollinger has developed his own statistics, called “Per”, in which he tries to calculate how many good and bad moments a player had over a period of time. In general, the idea is not bad, but it is not implemented very well, since it practically does not take into account the player’s actions aimed at defense.

11. Holds

At the moment, many statistical sites cannot decide how exactly Holds should be calculated, which leads to great confusion among analysts and fans.

Where can I see the latest data?

If you are only interested in the latest sports statistics, visit scores24.live. Here you will find only verified statistics that will help you make the right prediction and make online betting more successful.

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