10 Ways to Create an Elegant Outdoor Space


According to professional home stagers, a lovely yard or garden contributes significantly to the market value of a property. Thus, one of their primary responsibilities is to clean up a property’s outdoor space to make it visually appealing. They say, quite often, once beauty is established for outdoor areas, function automatically follows.

Thus, if you want an outdoor space that can be a real source of delight for you and your family, strategic beautification is a must. To help you with this, here are ten efforts that will help you create an elegant outdoor space that can serve as a comfortable, inspiring, and quick retreat for your household.

1. Add a pool

Specialists in landscaping glen heights, TX residents hire say that installing a pool (not necessarily a swimming one) is one of the best ways to create a stylish yard or garden. The lovely thing about a pool is it creates a more balanced ecosystem for your property.

Likewise, you will find that with a pool, the space automatically becomes more inviting. It’s a cool spot for relaxation, and it’s an attractive feature for charming garden animals such as frogs, butterflies, dragonflies, and you can even breed some koi fish in it.

2. Define the shape of the space

Elegant lawns rarely have overgrown turf that blur the defining lines of the outdoor space. Therefore, keep up with proper landscaping – Ovilla TX home stagers firmly advise. Mow the lawn regularly and ensure that turf and plants are not spilling out of their designated place too much. Do consider reinforcing lines with paint or loose gravel as well.

3. Grow a lovely mix of blooms and decorative plants

There’s nothing like a profusion of blooms and decorative plants to give a yard or garden a thoroughly impressive appearance. However, to ensure healthy growth with minimal effort, choose fuss-free plants endemic to the area. Local varieties of annuals are always a great idea because not only do they thrive easily, but they make for a magnificent display of the locality’s natural beauty.

4. Keep the lawn under control

As mentioned earlier, elegant outdoor spaces are clearly defined. Therefore, regular lawn care is a must. But, it’s worth noting too that keeping your yard or garden under control involves weed and pest control as well. You have to stay on top of these two common garden issues because they can compromise the look of your lawn as well as make it unsafe for the family’s use, and breed other problems.

To manage weeds and pests, it’s best to turn to the pros who can identify the true state of your lawn, identify the causes, and carry out the most appropriate and effective solutions.

5. Provide outdoor seating

An attractive lawn will be a waste if you don’t spend a lot of time in it. So, invest in outdoor furniture such as an outdoor dining set, benches, a glider, and other types of seating.

On a perfect day, you and your family can take advantage of the delightful weather by hanging out in your outdoor space. You can dine al fresco, have an afternoon tea party, or simply gather around to exchange stories over refreshing drinks. These are not all the activities you can enjoy; once you have set out seating for your yard, the possibilities are endless.

6. Landscape for increased function and beauty

Even sophisticated outdoor spaces can be hubs of “beautility,” which is essential during these rather restrictive times. Hire a landscaper to maximize the area’s potential while also making it a lot easier to manage for your household.

For example, a landscaper can create room for a vegetable garden to grow and identify the best location and layout to make caring for it as convenient as possible. Another design idea that landscapers can help with is creating an aquaponic system that will allow breeding fish and help cultivate an edible garden while freeing you from regular pond cleanup.

7. Incorporate structures for crawling plants

One of the best ways to create the look of profusion for a vibrant garden is to place a variety of structures for crawling plants, such as arbors, trellises, and parapets. Having these additional structures will provide your outdoor space a more interesting layout. They can even boost the functionality of your garden too, by providing shade or protection from trespassers.

8. Invest in gorgeous walkways

You may have turf that can withstand heavy foot traffic, but this does not mean that it’s easy to walk on, especially for people wearing high-heels. To make strolling in your yard a hassle-free activity, especially when you have parties at home, it’s best to have walkways.

Stone steps, tiles, a cobblestone path, and wooden bridges are some of the walkways to consider that will surely bring a new character to your garden.

9. Light up the outdoors

To make your lawn an ideal place to kick back, relax, or chat with family even when the sun has set, install outdoor lights. Outdoor lighting can create a magical atmosphere for the space while making it safer and useful, no matter the changing seasons. Also, lights are a must when you want to have outdoor celebrations of special occasions or events such as Halloween and Christmas parties.

10. Decorate with seasonal ornaments

The White House lawn is always decked for the changing seasons, so do take a cue. Doing this will make your property an even more enjoyable place to be for your family. Not only that, decorating with seasonal ornaments will likewise make your lawn a source of amusement for your neighbors too.

This is a rather simple effort, but it’s a wonderful way to give back to your community.

Although these efforts will cost you a considerable amount of money, you can rest on the fact that you have so much to gain from them. There’s nothing like coming to an inspiring home where you have the freedom to pursue enjoyable activities. Best of all, most of the efforts listed above can really boost your property’s market value and attract potential buyers in the future.

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