10 Tips to Prepare For Home Roof Replacement


The decision to replace your entire roof is a worthwhile investment that your future self will thank you for. But before you can call in the roofing technicians, you want first to consider the implications of tearing off an old roof and fixing a new one. For instance, there will be lots of dust, noise, and falling debris, most of which could pose safety risks.

So before you install a new roof, here are then 10 tips to help you prepare adequately. But if you need a high-quality attic vacuum, check out the link to see our top recommendations.

1. Cover the Attic

Since the roofing technicians will be walking on the roof and pounding it with hammers, debris and dust will likely fall on the attic. If this space stores some valuable items, you can choose to either relocate them or cover the attic with some drop cloths or sheets. After the renovation is over, you should still plan to vacuum these areas.

2. Mow Your Lawn

When preparing for a roof renovation project, it’s good practice to cut your lawn grass and clear the surrounding areas. Removing an old roof and installing a new one means there’ll be lots of debris and nails falling on the yard. Trimming your lawn days before the renovation will prevent this debris from hiding in the lawn. It also allows for easy clean-up once the roof replacement process is complete.

3. Move Your Vehicles 

For most roofing contractors, your garage will be their workstation and command center. This is where they’ll coordinate their work, from loading shingles to accessing their tools and trucks. Even so, every home’s garage comes with its own design. Plus, the garage’s location will determine whether you’ll need to move your vehicles or close the garage doors and windows to prevent dust from getting inside.

4. Remove any Valuables from the Walls

More often, homeowners will forget that a roof replacement project involves lots of hammering, which could cause the walls to vibrate. If you have some delicate wall ornaments and decorations, you risk breaking or spoiling them. Your windows will also be at risk of breakage, and you’ll want to talk to your contractor to recommend the best possible solution.

5. Be Wary of Your Pets and Young Ones

Falling debris, dust, and loose noise are common in a construction or renovation site. To avoid hurting your pets and young ones, you should plan to have them somewhere far and safe. That said, you can opt to outsource the pet sitting services and to have your young ones stay over with a nearby relative or friend.

6. Inform Your Neighbors

Days or weeks before the exercise, you want to give a roof replacement notice to residents living nearby. This will allow them enough time to prepare for any inconveniences. For instance, they will move their younger children and pets to a safer place to avoid potentially loud noise. They will also prepare to anticipate any falling debris or dust.

7. Remove any Valuables Attached to the Roof

Before the roofing technicians begin the renovation work, ensure all the valuables such as satellite dishes, CCTV cameras, and alarms have been relocated. Relocating these devices days earlier will avoid delays and inconveniences during the roof replacement process. If these units are old and non-functional, the roofing technicians will be happy to help you get rid of them.

8. Identify and Prepare Accessible Power Outlets

During the roof replacement exercise, the technicians will need power outlets to operate their equipment. Depending on the size of the roof, you may need to prepare several power outlets to make the work easier. It’s also advisable to have the power outlet outside to avoid the risks of tripping and short circuits. Where possible, place the power outlets where there’s no foot traffic.

9. Relocate Patio Furniture and Other Items

Any furniture or items such as grills and lawn ornaments would be safe elsewhere during the roof replacement process. If you have on-site storage, that would be perfect. Still, you can find a safe place within where debris or dust from roof replacement won’t reach or come in contact with these items.

10. Plan for a Site Clean Up and Hauling Services

The amount of debris left behind after the roof replacement exercise may pose a safety risk to your family. You also don’t want to handle these wastes yourself as they can be hazardous and costly in the long run. Instead, look for a site clean-up company that will handle the cleaning and hauling services.

Replacing Your Roof? Get Professional Help Today

If you are looking forward to replacing your roof, you need to choose your roofing contractor wisely. A roof installation exercise isn’t a DIY project you would entrust to your untrained friend. Instead, you want a roofing company that will do the inspection, tear off the old roof, install a new one, and even connect you with a site-clean-up company. This way, you’ll enjoy some peace of mind, from start to finish. And most importantly, you’ll rest assured, knowing that your head is under a solid and reliable roof.

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