10 Tips on How to Choose the Right Tree Service and Avoid Scams


Do you want to hire a tree service, but you don’t know where to start? Well, that’s a predicament most people find themselves in, especially if they are trying to avoid scams. The tree care service is full of fly-by-night crooks, con artists, and other “experts” who claim to produce quality results. However, if their results are not desirable, in that case, you need a good tree service. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the exemplary tree service and how to avoid scams.

1. Reputation

Start by doing your homework and researching the good standing of the tree service. You can ask previous clients what their experience was working with them. You can also check the service’s online reviews from their website and different review platforms. The reviews indicate the professionalism of the tree service you’re considering. If the service has too many negative reviews, then you shouldn’t hire their service completely.

2. Insurance Policies

Never fail to consider insurance when hiring a tree service. It isn’t enough for the service to have a general liability insurance policy; ensure that they also have workers’ compensation insurance. These types of policies guarantee that even when an accident occurs, you aren’t liable legally and financially for anything that happens. Also, make sure that the company sends you their insurance information. If the business doesn’t send that information, that should be a definite red flag.

3. Experience

How long has the tree service been in business? The longer the number of years, the easier it gets for the company to work professionally and perfectly. The experience of the company also dictates their commitment and feel to the work they deliver is top-quality. As a rule of thumb, ensure that the tree service you choose should have at least four years of experience such as this great tree service overland park.

4. Proper Equipment

A tree service company needs to have a wide range of apparatus for the services they offer. This equipment should include pruners, chainsaws, cord systems, and shears. They should also have post trimming equipment that guarantees the work the service is done perfectly, even to the end. Ask the business if they have the appropriate equipment to complete your project successfully.

5. Multiple Estimates

The one question most clients ask about possible service is the price estimates. It’s essential to determine how high or low the price is before settling for a particular tree service. Go for at least three different company estimates. From those estimates, you can then have an average price range for the cost of the services you require. Also, ensure that you meet with a company representative to learn more about what the price covers.

6. Compare the Services

Once you have the different estimates, ensure that you compare the services each one offers. If one tree service care provides an extra benefit or service, take that into account. Again, comparing each service will give you an idea of what service will best suit your project.

7. Certifications

A tree service should have highly trained experts who are specialized in cultivation and tree care. Make sure that the service you hire has the proper certification. These certifications will help prove their expertise. Also, check if they have a business license, as this will confirm their legitimacy.

8. Avoid Door to Door Contractors

Never do business with door-to-door tree service contractors, especially if the project is significant. Most door-to-door contractors may be con artists who travel from one town to another, preying on people who require tree care services. By not doing business with them, you will never have to worry about being conned. Besides, it’s never a good idea to decide to hire a tree work service at the spur of the moment, as too many variables have to be considered.

9. Use Caution Especially After a Disaster

Disasters like storms are usually an attraction for con artists. Therefore, try to exercise caution, especially after a disaster, as you wouldn’t want to get charged more for simple tree removal projects. You should also confirm if the company has certification and insurance coverage.

10. Pay When Satisfied

Once you finally select a tree service that meets all the requirements above, ensure that you never pay for the tree trimming or removal project until you’re satisfied with the quality of work. One common trick most disreputable companies use is to collect money for the task beforehand and never come back.

Remember, choosing a reputable company guarantees that you get quality work done. With the tips above, choosing one is now a walk in the park.

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