10 Tips for Getting Rid of Ants

Getting rid of ants can be surprisingly tricky. For every ant you see in the house, there are probably thousands more nearby. Finding exactly where they are coming from can be next to impossible.

Exterminators recommend that you clean up the house to encourage ants to eat bait. Then, take preventative measures so this doesn’t happen again. The following article lists 10 tips for a successful ant extermination.

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1. Keep the house clean

Ants love sweet and oily foods. Anything you spilt on the floor, they will eat. So, keep the house clean during the treatment period. Vacuum often and mop the floor. Don’t leave any dirty dishes out or leave food in the sink. Tidy up after every meal so that you force the ants in your home to consume bait.

2. Use the right bait

No matter what pest you are dealing with, it’s important that you use the right products. Research the ants in your home and find out which species they are. Learn the reasons why they might have invaded your home and which products work best. Then, purchase baits that were formulated for that particular ant species. Baits work well against ants because they target queens, which inhibits the colony’s growth.

3. Set bait in areas of ant activity

Baits are only effective when placed in the right locations. Put them where you have seen ants crawling, out of reach of pets or small children. Cabinets and the undersides of appliances are good spots. Never put bait on a countertop where food is prepared or anywhere that it could get wet. Do not put bait stations near pet food bowls.

4. Seal entry points


The problem with getting rid of ants is that another colony might come and replace the one you just got rid of, making it feel like you never got rid of any ants at all. It is therefore important that you seal entry points. Blocking the bugs out of the house will help to provide permanent results.

First, add some weatherstripping to the bottoms of your doors to the outside. If you don’t have a screen door, consider having one installed so you can open the door without letting bugs in. Add screens to your windows as well, and make sure they fit properly. Then, check your walls for gaps. Check for cracks in the foundation and holes surrounding cables. Seal these with caulking, epoxy, or expanding foam – whichever is most appropriate.

5. Clean up ant trails

The ants you see crawling around the floor are scout ants. Scout ants forage for food and leave scent trails behind them, so that other scouts can follow them. Erasing these trails sometime after you set bait will make it harder for surviving ants to find food, speeding up the extermination process.

Unfortunately, you cannot erase ant trails with a regular cleaner. Spray the floor with a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. Then, wipe it clean with a cloth.

6. Replace rotting wood

Carpenter ants nest in soft, rotting wood. They often begin their colonies in tree stumps and old porches, then work their way into the house. Keep this in mind when maintaining your property. Clean your deck every year and refinish it to extend its lifetime. If something is broken, moist, or decaying, replace it.

7. Take care of your plants

Ants feed on honey, the sweet substance that aphids produce. They love honeydew so much that they protect aphids from other insects. If you want to avoid an ant problem in the garden, keep aphids under control. Get rid of pests in the garden as soon as you see them. You can get rid of aphids by brushing them off with a hose or knocking them into a pot of soapy water.

8. Put bait stakes in the garden

Ants are good for the garden, unless there are far too many aphids on your plants. Bring the ant population back under control by putting a few bait stakes in your garden beds. Like interior traps, ants will crawl into them and bring the bait back to their queens.

9. Use a preventative ant spray

Perimeter sprays create a barrier between your home and the outside. Rather than getting rid of bugs when you see them, you can spray the perimeter of your home so that bugs can’t get inside. The insecticide lasts for weeks, so any bugs that crawl onto it perish. Try spraying your doorways with a perimeter spray to keep bugs out all summer long.

10. Hire an exterminator for help

Hire an exterminator as soon as you think you need help. Exterminators have the training and equipment necessary to get rid of ants very quickly. They can find where the pests are nesting and identify the causes of the problem, which will help you find a permanent solution. The pesticides that professionals use are safe and highly effective.