10 Things To Consider When Hiring A Lawn Care Company


When choosing a lawn care company, it’s necessary to understand the aspects to go after. That’s because each lawn company is not created similarly. In addition, the right lawn care company ensures your grass flourish and thrive throughout changing seasons.

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Here are 10 keys you should consider if you’re looking for the best lawn care & services in Glastonbury, Cheddar and surroundings

1. Customer Service

Find a lawn care service with good customer service as it may be challenging to get quotes, a hassle signing up, or when modifying services. Instead, find a company with an opener operator or office manager that can continually respond reasonably and promptly. To top it up, they should be up-to-date technology-wise, meaning they should have a heavy presence on social media and communicate via email. Before paying your hard-earned money to a lawn care company, consider having thorough auditing to save time and avoid stressful moments.

2. Reliability Scale

Several lawn companies may vanish without a trace when you most need them. Some companies may lack the operational capacity to expand, thus collapsing. One way to weed out unreliable companies is via online reviews. They should also give personal references to clarify matters. A lawn company with multiple references and is enthusiastic would be an excellent place to start; take heed of reticent companies. Chat with their references and acquire enough insight into the company: quality, affordability, reliability, the number of years worked together, etc.

3. Means They Use To Maintain Their Equipment

You can weed out weak lawn companies by asking how often they sharpen their equipment. This also forms a great unevenness between a DIYer and a lawn care company. A great lawn provider can distinguish between a grass cut by a sharp blade and a dull blade. The dull blade has a negative effect; they make for tattered and browned grass tops. A good approach is to change your blade at least twice a year. However, good companies will sharpen or replace their blades in 1-2 days. Overall, ask the number of hours they take before sharpening or replacing their blades. The rule of thumb is at least 10 hours.

4. Are They Part Of A Professional Or Trade Organization?

Most lawn companies don’t belong to a trade organization, making ones that do a better option because trade organizations make them conform to their craft. They commit them to continuous learning and, overall, meeting the laid standards by the lawn care industry. Therefore, the key is finding a lawn care company that belongs to a trade organization.

5. License And Insurance 

License and insurance are a must for a lawn care farm. A company with these credentials is committed to professional lifetime work. Secondly, if they sustain unforeseen injuries in your yard, you are not held liable.

Not only do many companies neglect licenses and insurance as being unnecessary. Some are revoked and fail to follow proper procedures to renew one. Overall, they don’t observe due process when handling your lawn. Before putting things on paper, ensure the prospective lawn company has the proper credentials. 

6. Contracts 

As much as the lawn business seems a straightforward operation, you need a signed contract. This will guarantee your being on the safe side. Hundreds of positive reviews alone cannot cut it in your reliability assessment. If you go by gentleman’s agreement, nothing will support you when a disagreement arises. Since contracts are legally binding, they protect both parties. Please choose a reputable company that doesn’t mind putting details on paper.

7. Reputation

A lawn care company’s reputation is important. When combing various providers, you’ll notice some are better than others based on their reputation. Those with solidly established reputation makes your vetting process easier. They should be locally operating with a physical office to turn to when issues arise. Check their online reviews or rely on word of mouth when researching a company’s reputation.

8. Range of Services

Some lawn companies have limited services or only provide certain types of services. For example, certain lawn care operators may specialize in aeration services while others provide shrub and tree care. 

In this case, the company you hire should be able to provide the particular lawn services you’re looking for. Pose as many questions as possible to choose a befitting company.

9. Do They Use Pesticides And Chemicals? 

You and your family need to be safe during the lawn operation. Unfortunately, pets and children may become susceptible to sprays. To protect your household, a good company should control its sprays (especially using weed control products).

10. Employee Background Check 

A good lawn company hires employees with sound character. That only happens when they vet their employees thoroughly before picking them. Therefore, consider it a red flag if they hire the first employee to pop up on craigslist. This indicates a lack of integrity on the company’s side.

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