10 Reasons to Have a Virtual Photo Booth at Your Event


Social interactions have changed significantly within the last few months, and the virtual space has now become the new location for events. However, one of the challenges with online events is entertaining and engaging the attendees throughout the meeting.

It’s easy for participants to get bored and leave, especially if attendance isn’t compulsory. Therefore, if you want your event to stand out, you’ll need to find ways to keep your participants on their toes. Here’s where a virtual photo booth can help. They can contribute the success of your virtual event the same way Photo booth service contributes to any physical event.

Virtual photo booths are no longer a new concept. But just in case you haven’t heard of them, we’ll explain. You can also try our free virtual photo booth online demo to see how it works.

What Is a Virtual Photo Booth?

A virtual photo booth shares the same concept as a physical photo booth. It helps you capture live moments, in an online sense, through the lens of your device. This photo booth works without an app or software, and you can access it on any browser.

With virtual photo booths, you can capture still photos, GIFs, and Boomerangs directly on your device. You wouldn’t need to bother about a physical photo booth rental for your birthday party, wedding, baby shower, or corporate events. Even the top events company Singapore says that they are a must-have for any virtual event. This is the reason that more people are now interested in starting photo booth business.

Here are 11 reasons why you should have one of the leading online photo booths services across the country at your next event.

1. Easily Accessible on Any Device or Browser

A virtual photo booth doesn’t require any app installations. Every one of your event guests can easily access it on a browser and any device, whether smartphones, laptops, or desktop. The device only needs to have internet access and a web camera.

If you are the event host, you’ll get a link customized to your specifications. Your guests only need to visit the link to access your virtual photo booth. Participants can also get a QR code to scan on their smartphones to access the photo booth.

2. It Creates a Unique Branded Experience

You can customize your virtual photo booth to deliver branded pictures and GIFs. The unique design can include logo, text, filter, border, or sticker, offering you the opportunity to create brand awareness.

Your participants can even replace their messy backgrounds with a customized virtual one using a state-of-the-art AI. These custom options ensure that each virtual event is one-of-a-kind.

3. It’s Fun and Interactive

The virtual photo booth makes taking pictures a fun activity. Depending on the customized options you provide, guests can choose their own experience. It ranges from single photos and three-photo GIFs with a series of images in a frame to boomerangs that loops short videos back and forth.

Even camera-shy guests who’d never visit the photo booth at a physical event can participate. The fun virtual photo booth will make them free to go goofy in the comfort of their home.

4. You Can Share Content Directly on Social Media

The virtual photo booth offers an online gallery that allows direct social sharing options on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp. When attendees share the branded photos on social media, it can offer exposure to your brand.

You Can Share Content Directly on Social Media

5. Attendees Can Participate in Live Games and Contests

Virtual events usually have less interactivity among participants, unlike physical events. One way to encourage engagement is through live games and contests. With your virtual photo booth, there are several fun activities your guests can participate in to keep the event lively.

It could be a photo contest, where you ask guests to take pictures using different filters or stickers. Then, choose the top 3 and display them on the live stream. You might want to include a prize for winners using our digital gift box to encourage more individuals to participate.

6. It Helps You Capture Data

When participants use the virtual photo booth, they’ll need to input their email addresses to get the final images. You can use the opportunity to add questions or a survey to which your guests would respond. This strategy provides you with feedback and data relevant for different purposes, such as your marketing campaign.

7. Easily Integrates Into Your Virtual Event Platform

Connecting your virtual photo booth to your online event is very easy. Since the photo booth is a web URL, you can include it directly into your virtual event for quick access. It’s pretty straightforward if you’re using platforms like Discord and Bizzabo.

8. It Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Results

Virtual photo booths are a vital tool in digital marketing campaigns. When attendees receive the virtual images via email, it can include links to your website or a signup page for your next event.

With the fun experienced during the event, participants will look forward to joining the next one. Also, it can improve your website’s traffic and help you generate leads. As participants share their images branded with your logo and company details on social media, it can increase your brand’s awareness.

9. It Helps Guests Bond Even While Apart

Virtual events rarely create as much energy among participants as you’ll find in physical events due to a lack of social interactions. However, with virtual photo booths, you can replicate that energy in your online event and create a sense of togetherness.

Whether it’s an online party or a conference, guests can create fun images and bonds by sharing their experiences with other participants.

10. You Can Get Physical Prints of Your Images

Guests don’t have to miss out on the hard copy prints they get from the rentable photo booth at physical events. A virtual photo booth allows them to print their images as well. You can mail attendees these physical prints after the event with a thank you card. It can also be part of a giveaway prize for winning a contest.

11. It Gives You a Keepsake of Memories

The images from your virtual photo booth are special keepsakes to help you remember the event. Whether in print or digital form, these branded images will become memorabilia to always remind you of the fun you had.


Virtual photo booths are a must-have for any online event. If you’re planning a wedding, conference, or other special celebration via live stream, get the best virtual photo booth from Studio Z.

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