10 Most In Demand Construction Jobs


Have you ever considered a career in the construction industry? Now would be a great time to think about that career as there are so many in-demand construction jobs. In the U.S., by 2024, there will be about 790,400 new high-demand construction jobs according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

Everywhere around the world, the number of jobs in the construction industry has been rising steadily. Below we have discussed the most in-demand construction jobs. Read on.

What Construction Jobs are in Demand?

Wind Turbine Specialists

The need for wind turbine technicians stems from the rising need for renewable sources of energy around the world. The roles of a technician will involve the installation and maintenance of turbines. They will need to monitor the condition of the turbines to ensure efficient operation. In the U.S., wind turbine technicians are estimated to earn about $55,050 per year with a career growth projection of 108 percent by 2024.

Construction Managers/Supervisors

A construction manager is involved with the day to day running of a construction project. To be a construction manager, you need to understand building regulations, understand designs, how to read blueprints, and how to handle workers, among other tasks.

You also need to understand budgets and to work within strict deadlines. While this is one of the most in-demand construction jobs, you need to have vast experience in the construction industry. The median salary for a construction manager in the U.S. is estimated to be $87,400.  Be sure to check out options at NEIT.edu.


The need for electricians is rising as more buildings come up, and modern designs are unveiled. The role of an electrician includes supervising and designing complex lighting systems, repairing electrical appliances and installations, and much more. The median pay of electricians is the U.S. $51,880 but a lot of new positions, 85,900 to be precise, are expected to come up by 2024.

Carpenters and Woodwork Specialists

Carpenters are needed for every construction project. They are responsible for the installation of windows, doors, floors, cabinetry, and so many other installations in a building. Carpenters need to cooperate with other professionals to ensure they complete their tasks according to the blueprint. When they are involved with interior work, say setting up a kitchen, they are involved with interior aesthetics.

A carpenter earns about U.S. $42,090 per year.


A mason’s work is simple but very important. They are responsible for laying a building’s foundation, mixing mortar and laying the stones, and polishing surfaces among others. A mason will be there when the building starts and might still be there at closeout. Again, they need to learn how to read blueprints.

In the U.S., a mason earns about $39,640 per year.


Plumbing is one of the high-demand construction jobs everywhere in the world. A plumber deals with pipes in a house. They will, therefore, install, replace, or repair pipes in a house to enhance the supply of water in a home and facilitate drainage. During construction, a plumber might be tasked with making estimations, on the equipment and materials needed for a project. Most plumbers earn about $50,620 in the U.S., and 49,100 new jobs are expected by 2024.


With so many modern building designs dealing with glass walls, glaziers are in-demand construction jobs. A glazier only needs to be gentle and precise in their job of shaping glass to be used in construction. To be a glazier, you not only need to know how to cut and shape glass but also how to read construction blueprints. According to this article, glazier is one of the most physically-demanding trades in construction.

Glaziers earn a median pay of $39,440 per year in the United States. The need for glaziers keeps growing as the need for other professionals in the construction industry grows.

Solar Panels Specialist

The need for renewable sources of energy elicits the need for installers of photovoltaic systems. This is among the most in-demand construction jobs as most parts of the world move towards solar energy. As a photovoltaic system specialist, your tasks involve installation, activation, and maintenance of solar panels. You will also install weather sealing to the panels after installation.

The median salary is about $37,830 per year in the United States. If you search for what construction jobs are in demand, you will see this as one of the most promising options.

Sheet Metal Specialists

As their name suggests, these specialists put together metal parts in a building. The job requires precision. More designs are coming up every day and these specialists need to be ready. Like many other jobs in this list, sheet metal workers should be able to read construction blueprints.

The median salary for a sheet metal specialist in the U.S. is $45,750 per year.

Construction laborers

One of the in-demand construction jobs is working as a construction laborer. It is the only job on this list that does not require special knowledge or a university degree. Again, the job of a construction laborer is not defined as they carry out different tasks. The laborers help specialists carry out their tasks efficiently. This means that an electrician will need a construction laborer to carry out aspects of the job that do not require skilled labor and so will a plumber and a mason.

The need for construction laborers grows as the demand for other professionals increases. Due to the lack of special skills of a college degree, manual laborers receive the lowest salary in construction projects. However, it is one of the high-demand construction jobs.


The construction industry is full of opportunities. All the in-demand construction jobs above are expected to have thousands of new openings by 2024. Most in-demand construction jobs require precision and hand skills, expect construction laborers. The advances in technology have made the construction industry more competitive and created so many jobs. In the future, knowledge workers will be needed in the industry to run the new technologies.

A career in construction looks appealing, especially with the advent of data and the use of more digital tools. When searching for what construction jobs are in demand, look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics for job outlook.

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