10 Man Cave Ideas for the Garage

The term man cave is now common in the North American lexicon. What most people don’t know about it is that it is relatively novel. It first got traction when Joanne Lovering from the Toronto Star used it to describe a solitude secured against wife intrusion in a 1992 article. A year later, this phrase received mainstream popularity thanks to John Gray’s relationship book – Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

Today, every man living in a house dreams of creating a home away from home, a place for relaxation and fun. In the congested world we live in, providing oneself with a little me time is essential. While most women get a release from shopping, a day at the spa, or getting their hair done, men like to hang out with the boys, and there is no spot better to do that than in a home area constructed to a man’s taste. What follows are ten man cave suggestions for the everyday Joe.

Your Neighborhood Bar

Creating a bar inside a garage is likely the first thing that comes to mind when one begins exploring man cave options. Bars, stools, and other accessories necessary for this concept get sold on Amazon and other diverse online retailers. The amount of choices offered is immense on these platforms, with affordable prices. Etsy, eBay, Vinterior, and Retrouvius are also websites to consider. They are virtual hubs where those dabbling with the home bar concept can pick up used furniture and various decorations.

Rock n Roll Lounge

Grab a few poster frames from Walmart or Target, get a few posters from Redbubble, Juniqe, or AllPosters.com and line the walls with famous bands in concert. These images can be complemented with musical instruments bought for cheap at yard sales, and a functioning jukebox in the corner can be a nice touch if the budget allows for it.

Poker & Casino Man Cave

Few activities in life can provide the level of excitement a poker night can. Adding a casino wheel like those used in live dealer roulette games can diversify the poker theme. A cheap crescent table covered with a green cloth can serve as a blackjack setup. Add some dogs playing poker portraits, and that authentic natural money casino feel gets achieved.

An Actual Cave

Okay, here is something original. How about a man cave that is a representation of an actual cave? There is no need to take this suggestion too literally. How about a comedic approach, a space akin to Fred Flintstone’s living room? That could be super fun and ironic.

1920s Speakeasy

While speakeasies nowadays get most associated with Art Deco fashion, flapper dresses, and studded headbands, they also served as a gathering ground for organized crime during the prohibition era. A man cave that resembles something out of a Jimmy Cagney picture could be unique, and let us be honest, most men get fascinated by gangster culture, despite how strange that may be.

Movie-Inspired Set

On the topic of movies, nothing is stopping anyone from recreating a setting from their favorite film at home. Yes, it may not be 100% accurate, but Kaiyo is an online marketplace for furniture that lists thousands of items. On this site, and others like it, chances are the movie fanatics have a good shot of replicating any TV or movie set, from Rocky Balboa’s apartment to the Friend’s Central Perk coffee shop.

Neon Vibes

The nightclub approach requires leather chairs, different colored line lights, a three to four-person bar, some spotlights, and some neon signs. Faux brick walls are a nice potential touch, and so are some empty bottle decorations.

Sports Betting Man Cave

Built a large couch area, a mini bar with whisky, craft beer, and other spirits, some tremendous audio setup, and multiple screens to watch several games simultaneously. Buy the best NFL, MLB, or soccer paraphernalia you can get your hands on and turn that garage into a betting room. Watch matches with loud friends and lots of bar food while placing bets with online sportsbooks. Choosing a site to bet on the NFL is no longer a problem in the USA, so take advantage of the different welcome bonuses from the other NFL betting websites.

Hunting Lodge

This recommendation does not demand the use of stuffed animals. Though the word lodge initially got used to describe small buildings, with years, it became associated with exclusive meeting halls. Elks anyone? Plenty of wood furniture and decorations get needed to mimic a fraternity gathering spot for men in their thirties or above, but it may be worth it for those willing to explore this motif.