10 Luxurious Home Upgrades Even on a Tight Budget


Like most homeowners, you probably want to introduce a new look to your home yet do not have the budget to match the cost of buying and installing the best quality. That does not mean you miss out entirely on the upgrade or compromise on quality. Consider these 10 home upgrade solutions guaranteed to make your home prestigious, yet at an affordable cost.

Upgrade the Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen is generally expensive. It will cost around $21,751 and almost $50,909 for high-end updates. That does not mean you cannot find a way to go about it at a relatively low cost.

Spruce up the kitchen by replacing cabinet handles and knobs. You can also create a new color scheme and theme by introducing kitchen accessories and tools of a similar color.  Consider clearing the countertops for a neater kitchen look. Introducing an art, rugs, new paint, or wallpaper is essential for aesthetic effects.

Upgrade Your Landscape

There are several affordable landscaping ideas, from softscaping to hardscaping; to give your home a new vibrant look. Some of the cheap ways to beautify your backyard through landscaping include; using low-cost mulch like grass clippings, pine needles, compost, and leaves. Use old tires as decorative planters or a hanging planter.

Make the backyard functional by planting useful plants like vegetables and herbs. You can also give your yard a contemporary look by adding color using paints and also spicing up your patio. By installing simple retractable awning, you also save energy while giving shade during hot months.

Swap Out the Indoor Lighting

Updating your lighting can give your home a facelift without draining the bank. First, you need to evaluate your home to decide the rooms and places that need more lighting and settle on the lighting designs for decorative purposes. When buying, choose the compact florescent light as they are less expensive compared to LED and have more life hours compared to the incandescent.

Get new lampshades but keep the lamps intact for an improved look with an old fixture feel. Also, buy your products from local or online resale stores and install them on your own.

Remodel the Bathroom

An average bathroom remodels costs about $10500 and around $26,000 for the high-end ones, but you can creatively work by yourself and spend less than $3000 for the same. Limiting the amount of tile you use saves you the laying cost.

Update the lights, sink, drawers, and other fixtures for a new look, and have worn out ones professionally relined instead of buying. However, if you don’t have the necessary skills to properly do this, then best to call up professional bathroom installers that are trusted. Sometimes it cheaper to hire than winding up paying more and still not getting the job done properly.

Use Color Paints

Paint is one of the most accessible and affordable ways to upgrade your home. Paints of different colors allow you to let the home display your personality, creativity, and taste. Using color accents can introduce a luxurious look to basic rugs, throw pillows and furniture.

There are a lot of color options to choose without limiting yourself to expensive trends. Feel free to use different colors in different rooms.

Introduce Floating Shelves

Whether you are looking to display pictures and artwork without taking up much space or creating many holes on the wall, floating shelves are the best consideration. Other than being easy to install, floating shelves give your room a modern touch. It also provides a stylish, organized, and easily accessible means of displaying and storing books and other valuables.

Remodel the Floors

You need a floor design that combines functionality, design, and affordability. Floating hardwoods and laminate are less expensive to purchase and install. You don’t have to demolish the existing floor when installing. On the other hand, you can also use vinyl and tiles of different designs for a stylish finish.

Introducing a high quality and right looking carpet gives your home a cozy touch.

Add Outdoor Sitting Areas

Adding outdoor sitting areas is one of the exterior upgrades that will give your home a new refreshing look and recreational benefits. Build an outdoor patio to find a place to share quality time with family in summer. Other than a high selling point, a deck will provide you the perfect place for sunbathing, grilling, and entertainment.

Plant Trees

For a small investment of time and money, trees will provide your home several long term benefits. Trees increase your home value and beautify the place throughout the seasons. Even though you might have to spend on fertilizers, pruning and trimming, its overall benefits outweigh the expenditure.

Introduce Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting creates a magical site appeal to the yard while preventing burglars. You can creatively install the outdoor lights to reinvent your home into an artistic piece that matches your mood and atmosphere. Remember to include energy-saving tips to avoid spending too much on outdoor lighting.

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