10 clever ways you can decorate your outdoor space on a budget


Decorating your outdoor space does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. A few cost-efficient projects and layout tricks can transform your basic greenery into the perfect outdoor getaway. Trying our budget-friendly outdoor space tips, such as adding flower pots,  will help you create a garden you’ll absolutely adore (and wouldn’t want to leave).

Add cheap backyard seating.

Use this simple backyard idea to enhance your garden space quickly: Create zones or different spaces with a few changes in décor to define eating, resting, grilling, and more. There is no need for new furniture purchases; use carpets to shift traffic or seats to steer people into corners.

DIY Outdoor Projects

Get artistic with outdoor ideas that lower costs and materials; you only have to be willing to put in the time and hard work. For instance, you can use a low-maintenance composite deck board and fence—cost-saving in the long run—to help lower wood costs. Large concrete pavers can replace high-priced stone for a patio, even as building supplies help create the containers and patio table base.

Create Color with Containers

Annuals can be cheaper than perennial plants and shrubbery, and they’re an excellent way to make your backyard more colourful and beautiful, particularly when planted in containers. Matching containers provide layout cohesion, as well as a similar colour scheme for the plants. 

Another inexpensive garden patio idea: A stone slab on top of wooden leftovers makes for a casual outdoor table.

Showcase a Collection

Collections are mostly considered high-end or costly, but a simple gathering of plants in small vessels can be a good centrepiece for a backyard. For instance, a regular old outdoor shelf offers space to showcase a low-cost stockpile of houseplants and fresh flowers. This setup can give your outdoor space a vibrant flash of colour.

DIY Outdoor Seating

Backyard furniture may be a costly investment, but there are cheap backyard patio ideas that can look elegant and trendy. For instance, you can use simple DIY garden furniture, such as stools, armchairs, and tables, to decorate your backyard. One of the best-known budget outdoor space ideas uses cheap concrete blocks, dry-stacked and encased with a foam pad. 

Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor lights remain a big favourite for decks and seating areas for a clear reason: They’re exciting and playful, with a cosy glow that ensures the light doesn’t distract. Use string lights to drape a tree or to cover a table to create a sparkling showpiece for your backyard.

Living Fence 

For a pricey look without the costs, try this budget-friendly outdoor idea: you can espalier a shrub to set up a living fence. The easy method involves cultivating a tree and training it to sprout in a pattern. The end effect is a unique look that gives a plain wall depth and visual appeal.

Invest Wisely

When creating a budget-friendly backyard, identify one element to invest in. This will assist in creating a yard you’ll appreciate for decades to come. Consider spending a bit extra on a frameless fire pit or a special furniture item you’ll use on a regular basis. Improve your outdoor space with a more cost-effective décor, like pillowcases and ambiance lights.

Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Garden furniture, while created to resist the elements, can be damaged over the years. Instead of spending cash on new furniture, try a few DIY fixes to revitalise your existing pieces. For instance, you can improve a once-rusted table thanks to a coat of paint, new strapping, and a little cleaning.

DIY Backyard Fire Pit

A backyard fire pit is a great place to spend warm summer evenings. You’ll need cheap items, such as angled pebbles and gravel for the base, to make your own. After finishing this quick DIY outdoor project over the course of a weekend, your loved ones will be able to enjoy bonfires for many years.

Plant affordable perennials.

Perennials return every year, which implies you’ll save money on lawn care in the long term. Plant beautiful perennials in your garden flower beds and watch as they blossom each spring. 

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