10 Cleaning Tips and Tricks To Clean Your Home in Less Time


Cleaning is a chore – literally. Not only does it take up time, it can feel extremely exhausting. However, you do not need to waste your entire Saturday cleaning your home if you know how to clean efficiently. With these 10 Cleaning Tips and Tricks To Clean Your Home in Less Time, you can shave hours off of your cleaning routine each week. Let’s take a look at these simple changes that will make your cleaning easier and faster.

Have a Plan

Have you ever looked up from a cleaning task and felt like you haven’t accomplished anything? This might be because you don’t have a solid plan in place. A common mistake that people make when cleaning is that they tend to start cleaning one thing and get distracted with another task before finishing the first. This means you could be cleaning for an hour and still nothing is really finished. Along with leaving you with a messy space, it is also very discouraging which makes work more difficult.

Simple Plan Option: If you are cleaning your whole home, complete each room one at a time before moving onto the next. Break down individual areas of each room and complete them before on. This will minimize the time you spend moving back and forth between rooms.

Combine Your Tasks Across Multiple Rooms

While it is best to finish individual areas before moving on, the exception to this is when you need to do the same task in multiple rooms. For example, mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, etc. Cleaning experts at Cleaner Wiki share that doing the same cleaning task in all rooms will not only be more efficient, but it is often easier to get into the task mentally and power through it. For anyone who struggles with getting distracted from tasks, combining tasks this way can often make it easier to stay focused.

Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Invest in a small cleaning caddy or even a simple box to keep your cleaning supplies close at hand. Having your cleaning supplies in one easy to move container will cut down on time you would waste forgetting items in another room.

Are your cleaning solution bottles too large to fit in a single box? Consider putting smaller amounts in small spray bottles. You could even hook these into a utility belt for even easier access.

Know Which Cleaners Need to Sit

From grease on countertops to mold around bathtubs, some of the most effective cleaners will need to sit for several minutes before being wiped down. Spray degreasers, tile cleaners and mold solutions when you first enter a room then take on another task while the formulas have time to work.

Dust Top to Bottom

Dusters are simple but great tools to have in your arsenal. Unfortunately, even the best dusters won’t fully trap all dust. To prevent dust from one area making its way to another, start by dusting things that are higher up, such as curtains. Dusting tables and other lower furniture after this will help you remove any fallen dust.

Up the Frequency of Cleaning

This one might be easier said than done but if you can get in the habit of cleaning more frequently, you will not be as overwhelmed by doing one big cleaning job. Both kitchens and bathrooms can especially benefit from a little proactive cleaning.   Give counters a quick wipe after cooking, rinse dishes before food has a time to harden and spray your shower walls with anti-mold solution after each shower.

Make a Clear Path

When performing tasks such as dusting a bookshelf, move all items out of the way before starting. While it might seem more efficient to dust around items, you are more likely to miss spots and take longer. Similarly, try to move items out of the way before vacuuming.

Gamify Your Cleaning

If it seems like cleaning tasks drag on and on, consider setting a time limit for each task or each room. Setting a timer that you can see as you work can often motivate you to move faster and make the tasks feel more like a challenge or game instead of just a chore. Incorporating a reward for tasks completed in a set time can also be a good motivator.

Employ Multitaskers

Choose a quality all-purpose cleaner and multi-use microfiber towels to tackle the majority of your cleaning. While certain areas like your shower walls may need sprays specifically for mold, many other areas will clean up nicely with an all-purpose solution. Sticking with these multitaskers will not only save you time but also money.

Keep Your Cleaning Tools in Good Working Order

While it can be tempting to keep cleaning without taking the time to wring out a mop or change a dish sponge, these things can make your cleaning take longer. Older dish sponges will lose some of their abrasive quality and make it harder to clean your dishes. A vacuum that has a full bag or any kind of caked on dirt around its wheels will also make your job more difficult. Replace or clean tools before they cause issues.

This also applies to appliances. Old, worn out dishwashers, dryers and washing machines can often force you to waste time redoing tasks. They are also energy inefficient.

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