10 Best Egg Poacher Pan Reviews

Egg Poacher Pan Reviews

There are many people do not like to eat the poached eggs which are cooked in the pan of boiling water. For them, the perfect solution is the egg poacher pan. The egg poachers are available in different materials which are brightly colored. You can easily get the silicon poachers which are made in plastic, aluminum or steel. The egg poachers are available in different types.

It is important to choose the egg poacher pan keeping in mind the frequency that the eggs are prepared. Some of the poachers are designed such that it can poach a number of eggs at the same time thus, serving the entire family. Some of the poachers are designed to poach the single eggs and they have limited life. The aspects while choosing the egg poachers is that it should be able to poach eggs properly and it should also be able to clean the pan easily.

10 of the Best Egg Poacher Pans

1. Excelsteel 18/10 Stainless 4 Non-Stick Egg Poacher

This is the Excelsteel egg poacher which has become famous for its ability to poach more than 1 egg at the same time. The capacity of the poacher is to poach 4 eggs at a time. It is constructed with the stainless steel thus making this poacher a durable one. It contains the handle which always remains cool and thus it becomes very easy to handle the poacher. It is very much easy to clean thus making it ideal for all the types of kitchen. The 4 eggs are poached at a proper distance and the pan is able to maintain the hygiene well.

2. Demeyere 4-Cup Egg Cooker/Poacher

This pan is the perfect one for poaching the eggs and also for preparing some small appetizers. It is the non-stick material pan which has the removal handle thus making it easy to wash the pan. The surface treatment is done with the silivinox material which is able to improve the resistance of the stainless steel and it is also able to prevent the dulling, tarnishing, etc. It is very easy to clean because of the material used in it. The pan is made of 18/10 stainless steel and it is dishwasher resistant. It has a 30-year warranty against the detergent.

3.  Farberware Accessories Aluminum Nonstick 4-Cup Covered Egg Poacher Skillet

The pan has the construction of the heavy duty aluminum which gets heated evenly and quickly. It is the nonstick material pan which is long lasting and it also provides the effortless cleaning and cooking. It has the removable tray which has the 4 nylon cups which are durable and also has the stainless steel lid. The double riveted handle makes it easy to get the comfortable grip on the pan. This pan is also oven safe and is easy to wash in the dishwasher. The egg poacher is covered and it complements the cookware sets, griddles, etc. It is assured that the quality will be maintained.

4. Excelsteel 18/10 Stainless 6 Non-Stick Egg Poacher

This is the pan which has a good capacity to poach eggs. If you have a big family then this pan is much suitable for you. This is the pan which has the 6 egg poacher and the pan is made from the nonstick material which makes it easy to cook as well as clean. The stainless steel is used in the pan thus making this pan a durable one. It has the handle which is removable and it helps to stay cool. It is the pan which is ideal for the kitchen and it is easy to clean. The main advantage of this pan is that it helps to maintain the hygiene.

5. Norpro Stainless Steel 10 Inch Egg Poacher Skillet Set

This egg poacher is different from other poachers because of its measurements. This pan has a diameter of 10 inches and it has the cool handle which is of 7.25 inches. The pan includes 5 poacher cups which are removable thus making it easy to clean. The pan comes with the tempered vented lid which is of glass. The pan is completely made of stainless steel and thus it stays for longer time. It is recommended that the pan should be washed with the hand rather than using a dishwasher. The poached eggs can be made and then the lid can be removed and the pan can be used for cooking other foods.

6. Simply Calphalon Nonstick 4-cup Egg Poacher with Cover

This is the pan which has the capacity to poach 4 eggs at the same time. This pan has the nonstick interior and it helps in keeping the easy cleanup of the pan. The interior makes it easy to release the handle the handle is of silicone material and it stays cool when kept on the stovetop thus making the handle a comfortable one. The egg poacher is anodized with the aluminum thus increasing the durability of the pan. It is safe to use it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The pan is durable and it comes with the 10-year warranty.

7. Norpro 9.5 Inch Nonstick Egg Poacher Skillet Set

This egg poacher is multitasking. It can be used to poach the eggs which can be served well as breakfast and then the pan can be used to deep fry the foods in the pan. The pan is with the 9.5 inches diameter and the handle is of 6 inches. The stay cool feature in the handle makes it easy to cook eggs at high flame with comfort. The pan contains the 4 egg poacher frame which is of nonstick and they are removable also. The nonstick or wood utensils should be used with this pan and it is easy to hand wash the pan.

8. Individual Single Egg Poacher Non-Stick Aluminum with Cover

This is the small which has the capacity of only 1 egg at a time. It is the single egg poacher. The pan comes with the aluminum cover which is good to use. The coating of the pan is of nonstick material which makes it easy to clean and use the pan. The cup on the pan is made of grease and the diameter is 3.5 inches and the handle is 8.5 inches. This means that the size of handle is quite long which makes it easy to cook at high flame. The pan is the best option which can be used for warming foods.

9. Farberware Premium Professional Dishwasher Safe Covered Egg Poacher

The set of this poacher includes the egg poacher which is covered and it also contains 4 nylon cups. The covered lid is of glass and this allows you to cook the recipes without losing any moisture or heat. The features of the pan include the smart glide system which makes it a good option to be used for heating. This feature makes this pan a durable option as the nonstick material is used. The egg poacher is quite easy and comfortable and use and to clean. This is easy to wash in a dishwasher and it has the covered skillet which is oven safe.

10. Cooks Standard Cooks Standard 02421 Nonstick Hard Anodized Egg Poacher

This pan is made up of nonstick material which is very easy to release and clean as well. The pan is anodized hard with the aluminum thus making it easy to heat the eggs without any kind of burnt. The handle is riveted and thus it is durable and solid. The tempered glass lid is used in the pan for covering so that it becomes easy to view the food while cooking. The pan is not made for induction and it can work with any type of cooktop like ceramic, gas, etc. This pan is safe to use in oven and is also safe in dishwasher.


The egg poacher pans are the one which are useful for serving breakfast easily. The best poachers are listed above and all of them possess common features like cool handle, nonstick material, etc. All of them are easy to clean and durable. The only thing different is the capacity of pan and the look.